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By Kaleem Ullah

Personal loans can be taken from any financial institution for a short period due to an urgent monetary emergency. For such sudden emergencies, Buddy Loan is always here to assist you if you are thinking of getting a personal loan with no collateral or security involvement. You can borrow instant loans for varied purposes like weddings, travel, home renovation expenditure, etc.

The application process is very flexible, and after the loan is approved, the amount will be disbursed to your account. During the repayment period, you might have to pay EMIs to the lender or the bankers. The amount of EMI varies among lenders depending upon their respective interest rates and other additional charges like processing fees etc. You should apply for personal loans only after you’ve done a comparative analysis between the various banks and found the EMIrates that are affordable for you.

If you wish to avail an instant loan, you can apply for it by visiting the website of a third-party aggregator. It is always suggested to use online personally since the process is comparatively more straightforward. Since these loans are unsecured, making them hassle-free has increased their demand in the market.

Therefore, this article will show a few reasons why one should consider applying for instant loans using a third party aggregator website. Let’s begin and understand its use.


  • Using a third-party aggregator, you can use various online tools such as a personal eligibility calculator, credit score calculator, etc. These tools can be used free of cost and are very important to decide for you to proceed with the loan application.
  • QUICK AMOUNT DISBURSAL – After you have fulfilled all the lenders’ criteria, the loan amount will be disbursed in your account within 24 hours. However, if the loan is pre-approved, then the amount will be debited in a lesser time.
  • QUICK ASSISTANCE – This third-party aggregator provides immediate assistance while you are applying for the loan. Also, you can directly contact the customer service team through the customer care channel.
  • Privacy – All your information or documents that you submit are always safe with the aggregators. The details are directly shared with the preferred banks, which ensures privacy.
  • Digital Approval – When you apply for an instant loan online using a third-party aggregator, you must submit all the documents in soft copies, making it a paperless agreement.
  • Special offers – Third-party aggregators may provide you with special offers such as no processing fees from specific lenders.
  • Easy Application – Applying for a personal loan through a third-party aggregator is easy and flexible. Using a third-party aggregator ensures paperless documentation with the quick disbursal of your loan amount. They do a comparative analysis between financial institutions for a better idea of which one can be better and more affordable or you.

However, you have to visit the respective website and provide the details like your gender, age, permanent address, present address, company you are employed with and month of joining, total years of experience, etc.


➔ The minimum monthly salary of the borrower should be INR 18,000 ➔ The loan seeker should be between the age group of 22-58


The third-party aggregator helps with necessary research before applying for a loan. This one enables you to save a significant amount of time online without going physical in the branches. When applying for a personal loan through a third aggregator, you will not have to wait for a longer time.