SEO Myths Australian Companies Need to Learn About

Keeping track of the current state of Australia is the best strategy before beginning a business. According to a survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, at least 2,402,254 businesses are currently active since June 30, 2021. Ever since its growth, the number increased by 3.8%, wherein 87,806 businesses opened up their doors to clients and customers.

If you are currently part of the 3.8% of the new businesses, you will need to hire providers of SEO in Australia to have the edge over your competitors. However, you may have doubts about hiring an SEO agency due to the many negative stories you have heard about them. You should consider learning the different misconceptions about SEO to help you understand the industry better.

1. You do not need a high website traffic

The first myth you might have heard from other business owners in Australia is that you do not need to have high website traffic to gain the top spot in search engine rankings. You should know that that is false because having increased website traffic can put your website on the first page of search engine results.

Website traffic is one of the many ways to keep your website relevant, and many users are still visiting from time to time. Keep in mind that every visit from a user could turn into a lead conversion, which becomes a huge win for your Australian business. You should have no trouble gaining a ton of website traffic if you have an SEO agency helping you.

2. A website that loads within 5 seconds is okay

One more misconception that some Australian businesses still believe is that their website can do well even if it has a five-second load time. You should know that agencies providing SEO in Australia recommend that your website loads in under two seconds because it is the average wait time for a user before they leave and look for another website.

Fortunately, hiring an SEO agency can help fix your website’s load times by altering or removing anything hindering it from loading under two seconds. Some examples of website features that may slow down loading times are ads and banners. Most ads will have moving pictures and/or videos, which can become a huge problem for some users.

3. SEO can produce excellent results right away

What Australian businesses need to know about SEO is that there is no such thing as quick and excellent results. SEO is something that you need to do on a daily basis, especially when your website still has a low domain authority. Your SEO agency will look for ways every day to improve your website and ensure it gets the top spot on search engine results as quickly as possible.

Usually, they would focus on reducing the website’s loading time by removing useless features like widgets or optimizing images by reducing their file size. Note that there are hundreds of thousands of images on your website, so a single SEO agency in Sydney will take a while to optimize each image they encounter. It may also take even more time if you have an extensive list of SEO goals you need to achieve because your SEO agency will need to develop a plan to accomplish them.

Make sure you know about these common SEO misconceptions and eliminate them to improve your business.

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