School Lockers

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By John Wick

The hallways of schools are often lined with school lockers, which store children’s books, luggage, and other belongings. Steel lockers are both cost-effective and durable. Some steel lockers have an anti-bacterial powder-coated finish that is good for health and hygiene. Plastic lockers are a good choice for outdoor settings such as bike


Steel lockers with an antimicrobial coating are available. This powder-coated finish protects people from disease by keeping viruses and germs at bay. The chance of illnesses like MRSA and E.Coli spreading across surfaces is reduced thanks to this powder coat paint. These lockers are particularly useful in high-traffic areas, where several individuals

Other materials to consider

Plastic lockers are also popular in schools since they may be kept indoors or out. This might be a space-saving option if there is not much room inside. This material is simple to maintain, long-lasting, and waterproof. The polyethene plastic material can endure general use and abuse while providing strength and durability for regular usage.

Feet, plinths and sloping tops

Locker locks come in a range of styles, sizes, and colours to fit your preference or meet your requirements. Locker tops with feet or slopes can be utilised for cleaning purposes – especially under the lockers. Sloping tops keep the area clean and tidy at all times by preventing things from being left on top of the locker.

There are different design features to consider

Lockers for educational settings must be well-ventilated, as they will be used frequently to store a variety of things ranging from books to sports clothing, sports equipment, and/or food. As a result of an increase in potentially harmful objects being brought into school, lockers may end up being the most secure place to hide them. Vision panel


Depending on the usage of the lockers, there are a variety of different lock choices to explore. If lockers are shared, we recommend using a 4-digit combination lock for easy access between pupils. If teachers require access via digital combination locks, there is a master key option available. You may choose cylinder locks or traditional keylocks (lock types

With different lock choices, spare keys, master keys, or codes may be made or reset to enable staff to access locked storage units when necessary. When shopping for various lock alternatives, keep the size of the locker door in mind.

Different lock options available;

  • Hasp & Staple (padlock)
  • Cylinder (accessed with a key)
  • Coin Return
  • 4 Digit Combination Lock*
  • Electronic Combination Lock*

Changing Room Furniture

Changing Room Lockers

The size of the changing area lockers, along with the budget, should be considered before purchasing. When ordering for a limited space, multi-compartment and nested lockers are the greatest alternatives. Changing room pupils may keep valuables, clothes, shoes, and bags in these lockers because they are convenient and offer great value for money.

Bench seats

We provide a variety of single and double-sided bench seats with coat hooks or hangers for use in changing rooms. Students may utilize the benches to store their luggage and/or shoes while getting changed. We’ll be releasing our new line of bench seats soon, which will be accessible both offline and online.

Coat Stands & Hooks

Materna Furniture provides a variety of coat stands and hooks that may be used in all areas of education. They can be utilized in classrooms, changing rooms, and hallways to keep areas tidy. We also provide a variety of add-ons for extra storage within schools.

Laptop Storage & Charging Lockers

Laptop or charging laptop lockers are popular at colleges and universities, especially as more students use laptops and iPads rather than desktop computers. We offer a number of both charging & non-charging laptop lockers in a variety of colours and door choices.

The main reasons for school laptop/charging lockers are:

  • Device storage
  • Battery re-charging
  • Charge mobile phones and other devices
  • Security

There are two main types of charging: charging and non-charging. Both types of charging are frequently utilized in educational settings, however, the price difference between them is significant. If only storage for devices is required, you may want to go with a non-charging solution while still saving money. The more expensive option


We understand that schools often have a limited amount of space and a tight budget when it comes to locker rentals. As a result, we propose that you cover all aspects before purchasing in order to avoid recurring expensive renovations or replacements.

Select high-quality lockers that can take constant usage and abuse. Create a count of the number of lockers required depending on the number of students and available area. Choose locker size/spec based on what’s being kept inside them. If you can’t find the perfect fit online, then give CSStorage a call.