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Keep rats at bay by WBM home Rat glue traps

Keep rats at bay by WBM home Rat glue traps

Waking up in the middle of the night hearing strange noises like something is running here and there. Noticing small claw marks on random items and a stinking smell in the air.  All these signs mean that there are rats in your house. The rats usually find a place where they can be warm and safe to sleep. In the meantime, they will be invading your kitchen for food as well.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can make your house less attractive to them. By removing all things that can attract the rat and mice we can achieve our mission of eliminating all rats from the house. We have several ways that can help in rat-proofing your home.

Stop rats from entering your home

  • Search your area for any entry points for rats and watch for any cracks, openings in walls, gaps, or holes, open pipes that are wide enough for a rat to squeeze inside. Fill the gap with something strong enough which rats cannot chew.
  • Cut off any tree branches that hang near the house as rats can enter your house through this path very easily.
  • If you have a chimney make sure it is covered from the top to avoid any rats entering through it.
  • Check your roof area for any damaged walls or pipes

Rat Glue traps advanced protection by WBM HOME

Additionally, you can also use Rat Glue Traps such as WBM home, a very strong glue trap that attracts the rats in the house leaving none behind. These glue traps are very easy to set up and require no physical touch to the rat as they can cause many diseases. Here are some features which make them an ideal rat terminator.

  • Odorless
  • Non-poisonous
  • Easily disposable
  • Strong adhesive
  • hands-free action
  • Easy setup
  • Eco-friendly

When using the Rat Glue Trap try placing some bait for them to get their attention. For best results place breadcrumbs, cheese, or fish as bait because rats love to eat them. They will eat almost every food in the house. You must place the glue traps near suspected points such as under the fridge, near the kitchen cabinets, under the sink, near garbage, and behind appliances.

The rats will slowly lure to the glue traps and stick to it. Now they will be unable to move because of the strong adhesive of the glue trap. After being starved and exhausted by their struggle to run away they will eventually die without any physical involvement.

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Are rats dangerous?

Are rats dangerous?

The rats around the world have a reputation for being dirty and sneaky. These uninvited guests try to sneak through holes, gaps or climb through pipelines inside the house. Other than the rat droppings and unpleasant smell of their body they can cause damage to your home. Rats can chew off the plastic, electric wires, wood, wallpapers, and important documents. As they can squeeze in the tiniest spaces. They make their nest in dark and warm places. The rat’s bite and scratches can cause rat-bite fever.

The rats can contaminate your food so make sure to cover all the food properly. Some species of rats may cause the Hantavirus through direct contact of their droppings that is feces, saliva, or urine. Besides, they cause many other diseases like Weil’s disease, Tularemia, and Salmonella. The Weil’s disease is caused by the rat’s urine which can lead to kidney failure.

Keep the temptation Away

To keep rats away from your kitchen you need to move things that tempt them. For this purpose follow the simple steps to avoid a mess at home

  1. Make sure to clean all your dishes after you eat and cover all the remaining food in tight glass or metal containers.
  2. Regularly clean all countertops and cabinets so that there are no food scraps left around.
  3. Take out the trash regularly and watch out for the over spilling of the trash.
  4. Check the dark corners like under the sink, below the cooking range, back of the cabinets for any rat droppings.
  5. Clean your kitchen floor regularly to stop any attraction for the rats.
  6. Place multiple rat glue traps in places where rats will visit more often for best results and put some food as bait for luring them into the trap.

 The Uninvited Guests

The main reasons why rats want to hide inside your home are:

  • For getting warm
  • They can escape from enemies
  • To get a safe place to sleep
  • Having a feast available to them indoors

Where do rats hide?

Where do rats hide?

Although rats stay inside the house their location is difficult to spot. They hunt for food at night when people are asleep and rest during the day. To locate their nests you have to search for clues like droppings, chewed material, claw marks, and noises as they run around the house. Their common hiding places inside the home include;

  • The base of kitchen cabinets
  • Gaps inside and back of appliances
  • Openings between walls
  • Storeroom
  • The attic
  • The Basement
  • Under toilet faucet
  • The area under the staircase

Rats sleep in dark and quiet places where they are out of the way. If you wonder where you’re important documents, valuable items, or fabric material went you can find it in the rat’s nest as they are picky in taking your belonging to their nests.

Control Rat Infestation with Rat Glue trap

Rats are filthy problem creators for every household. They are fast breeders and create their nests where food is abundant. Rats can adapt to their surroundings very easily and spread at a fast rate.  An average rat can reproduce 14 litters (babies) per year. This means that they can multiply fast. So, it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible. They say prevention is better than cure. The rat glue trap by WBM home is an ideal rat terminator for every household. It catches the sneaky rats effectively without any poison. It is an eco-friendly product with no physical struggle to kill rats. Easy to set up and dispose of.

How to use:

Open the trap slowly with both hands. Place in areas where rats are normally seen. Dispose of after use.


Keep the glue surface away from dust. Wipe hands with vegetable oil if they come in contact with the glue surface.

Accidental ways rats can make you sick

Sometimes we can get into contact with the infected material by rats directly or indirectly it can make us sick. Here are some ways we can get infected by rats.

  • Accidentally drinking contaminated water or food.
  • By inhaling the rat droppings (feces, saliva) on contaminated areas.
  • Handling material like hay, woodpiles, or other material contaminated with rat urine.
  • Coming in touch with infected rats
  • Bites and scratches from rats can infect humans.

Rats can climb walls

Both Rats and mice can climb walls, pipes, electric wires, and tree branches, nearly anything that has a rough surface. The only thing that can make them not climb the walls is the slippery surface. You can install a slippery surface on your walls to avoid any rat activity. As long as there is no entry point for rats to come inside it is safe for us.

How do rats get inside your toilets?

How do rats get inside your toilets?

One fine morning you get up and head to the toilet, open your toilet seat, and get scared of a big hairy rat floating. The sewage rats can find their way through underground pipes and enter your toilet from the toilet bowl that sounds scary! They are fond of getting through underground pipes. Besides they can swim in the water while holding their breaths for a long time.

Why do rats live in sewage and underground pipes?

Rats are known to be filthy animals. They like to breed in areas that are near water sources. Rats remain in search of more food no matter how gross it is. In many sewage areas, toilet waste and trash get collected in the same pipes. The rats tend to search for food and enter these sewage systems. When they see waste material flushed through toilets they can be attracted to the source in search of food. Well, that’s how they end up in our toilets through underground sewage pipes.

Rat-proof your home by WBM Rat Glue traps

Rats can not only disturb your sleep but they can also destroy your home. Rats can chew obstacles in their way with their very strong teeth. They can chew materials like plastic, net, wood, and electric wires. The only way to eliminate rats from your house is by preventing them from entering your house in the first place.

You can stop them by clearing anything that might attract them. Poor sanitation and water reserve can attract rats. Their body structure is very flexible so they can easily squeeze in tiny spaces. If there is a gap in the door and a pencil can slip through it rats can also get through it. Make sure to block the window sides, the gap under the doors with rubber stoppers to stop them from sneaking.

Besides, you can place rat glue traps in areas where rat activity can be seen. For best results use multiple glue traps to make sure no rat gets away.

Guidelines When Using Rat Glue traps

When using rat glue traps a person should be patient, as it works by luring the rat into the trap. You have to wait for him to get into the trap. The rat is not killed instantly by getting stuck in the trap. Keep in mind a few steps when using a rat glue trap.

  1. Try to put some bait like breadcrumbs, cheese, or fish to lure them.
  2. Do not use pesticides around the glue trap as the rat may die in his way to the glue trap.
  3. Remove any other food scraps in the path of the glue trap as they will not attract towards the rat glue trap.
  4. Avoid placing the glue trap where pesticide has already been sprayed the rats will never come there.
  5. Place multiple rat glue traps at different places to catch more rats.

 What do rats hate?

Although rats love to eat everything we do; but they cannot stand some scents. These scents can repel rats and stop them from coming at least for some time. Among the scents, the rats hate is the smell of strong and toxic chemicals, the smell of their predators like cats, bleach, ammonia, or paint thinner. Other natural repellents like peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and citronella all help in driving rats away.

Interesting Facts

“The rats are almost blind their other senses like smell, taste, hearing, touch is very sharp

They use their whiskers to guide them through their way.”


Rats are popular for making trouble almost everywhere around the world. Their growing numbers pose a threat to human health as they carry germs that can cause asthma and allergies. Besides allergies, they carry dangerous diseases like the Hantavirus, Salmonella (food poisoning), and the infectious Weil’s disease. It is important to kill rats to protect our loved ones and our pets. By ensuring cleanliness we can eliminate their breeding grounds so that we can stop their spread. Participate in a clean and green environment by using WBM Home natural and effective products.

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