Precautions For Buying a Used Car/Second-Hand Car

The process of buying a used car: Do your homework on the Internet to find a car. There are many used car websites in Malaysia. You can first go online to research the year and price of the car you need. Malaysia has many used car websites but I recommend the following websites for buying second hand car Check this site for buying many cars.

According to your budget and needs. Choose several models that suit you (because the number of used cars is limited, if you have a strong limit to a certain car, it may be difficult to buy or exceed the budget). This condition is very important. Used cars There are very big differences in car conditions, which may be caused by color, equipment, mileage, year, and car conditions. Consumers like to buy cheap and large bowls of goods with great value, but it is a pity that if it is convenient and good It may not be your turn to buy a second-hand car from. A good car has already been bought by someone else. I suggest buying second-hand car proton iswara

Precautions for car inspection when buying second-hand cars, middle-aged cars 

Look at the vehicle during the day and when the light is sufficient to confirm whether the sheet metal has color difference or uneven spacing. Friends who know the car go to see the car and test the car together, an extra layer of protection.

Before signing a contract for used cars

When signing a contract, you should read the contract in detail, indicate the mileage, non-soaked or accident vehicles, warranty period and scope, etc., and agree on the handling of false vehicle conditions. Please refer to the used vehicle sales contract here.

Send the second-hand car to the factory for maintenance and inspection

Send the car back to the original factory for maintenance or inspection (free of charge) to confirm whether the car’s condition is consistent with the contract. If there is a discrepancy, you can request to cancel the contract.

Please pay special attention to second-hand cars

 The most important thing to buy a second-hand vehicle is the condition of the vehicle, not the price. As long as it is within a reasonable range, please bargain rationally. If you lose your eyes and buy a car with a bad car, you will lose more than you gain. Some cars dealer on the Internet publishes very low prices to attract consumers. Please be careful and careful. These second-hand car dealers are very likely to attract customers with low prices and wait for opportunities to kill customers. The common deception of black vehicle dealers is to use The price of a vehicle that is much lower than the market is attracting people to be cheated.

Good dealer

A decent used car dealer will not deceive consumers with unavailable guava prices on the Internet, and a store with goodwill will not take itself. It’s joking that even the most basic price is deceived first, and it’s not surprising that there will be other tricks to deceive consumers later. The new car in the year of production depends on the appearance and interior, and the old car in the year of production depends on the engine and chassis. I suggest the following plate form for buying toyota darwin used cars in Malaysia lepaskunci. This plate form provides a good deal with buyers and dealers for purchasing a car. 

The past history of this used cars dealer 

Common methods of online low-price scams for middle-aged cars:

  1. The online PO is lower than the market price, and the online customers are tricked into the store to force sales. Often, the actual price is higher than the market price. Taxi
  2. The online PO is lower than the market price. After the online customer arrives at the store, he declares that the cars have been sold and asks someone to buy another vehicle. The vehicle has a major accident, soaks in water, and has been used as a taxi. 

Year false report: 

usually combined with the above methods, such as writing the 2010 car on the Internet, the 2010 “year style” is written in the contract, and the car registration information is actually delivered in 2009. Please pay attention to the middle ages in Malaysia. The valuation of vehicle sales and purchases is based on the year of manufacture. The price difference between the years of vehicle age is the source of profit for the black-minded industry. 

This method is relatively new

the same is the price of the online PO below the market, and the final negotiated price is 300,00 ringgit. After consumers took a loan of 300,00 ringgit to buy a car, the fraudsters had a “100,00 zero interest rate” discount. In the end, consumers realized that this 100,00 ringgit was not included in the original vehicle price, and finally bought 100,00 ringgit more expensively. In this case, the seller published the “07” factory and the 2008 model on the Internet, but the actual factory was “06”, which is equivalent to a C-hybrid cheating method.

Not only the vehicle price is more than 100,00, but also an older vehicle model. E. Fake vehicle sales really cheat the deposit: the loan is but the deposit is confiscated. In fact, the vehicle price was set very low at the beginning. Just to deceive people to sign a loan to buy a car and pay the deposit. Deposit F. false from the sale of real cars trader. The major vehicle accident, flooded vehicle, stolen vehicle, taxis packed into a player’s car. In buying a car when there are problems found could not contact the seller. GA vehicle B Sell: look at vehicle When signing the contract, it is vehicle A, and when it is delivered, it changes to vehicle B (major accident, water, taxi, stolen vehicle, etc.).  


There is no free lunch in the world. Consumers will shop around when buying cars. It’s the same to shop around. “Second-hand cars in good condition” have certain quotations when they are traded. It is impossible for a shop that has a price of 500,00 ringgits but only sells 300,00 ringgits. Unless the vehicle has major defects. But many black-minded people will Conceal major defects and sell vehicles according to normal market conditions. Due to this depends on the authorized dealer and used plate form lepaskunci for dealing vehicle.

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