PIA Plane Crash Inquiry Report Completed, Pilot and Air Traffic Controller held responsible

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The investigation report of the PIA plane crash in Karachi has been submitted to the Prime Minister. The pilot and air traffic controller held responsible for the crash.

According to sources, Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan called on Prime Minister Imran Khan and presented the investigation report of the Karachi plane crash. The Aviation Minister also briefed the Prime Minister on the report. Sources said that the Prime Minister has directed the Aviation Minister to present the report in the National Assembly.

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According to sources, the interim report of the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board revealed that the cockpit crew of the aircraft at the time of landing ignored the instructions of the air traffic controller. The air traffic controller also failed to implement the instructions.

The report did not rule out the possibility of a technical malfunction in the cause of the crash and held the PIA and CAA equally responsible for the crash. Sources said that the report also termed the procedures of PIA and Civil Aviation Authority in preventing accidents as unsuccessful.

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The report blames the pilot and air traffic controller for the crash and does not rule out a technical glitch in the plane. The report also includes information obtained from the aircraft’s data flight recorder, cockpit voice recorder, and a record of flight from Lahore to Karachi obtained from air traffic control.

The report said that at the time of landing, the cockpit crew of the aircraft ignored the instructions of the air traffic controller and the air traffic controller also failed to implement his instructions. Sources said that the equipment and systems of the crashed plane are still being tested.

It is to be noted that on May 22, the flight of national airline PK8303 coming to Karachi crashed on the population near Jinnah International Airport. 97 people were killed while two people were miraculously safe.

The Prime Minister and the concerned authorities later ordered an inquiry into every aspect of the accident.

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