How did the PIA plane crash? PIA Plane crash survival Muhammad Zubair’s Statement

Muhammad Zubair, a passenger who survived the plane crash, described the crash and said that there were screams after the crash. I saw the light on one side and jumped to save my life.

According to details, Muhammad Zubair, a passenger who survived the unfortunate PIA plane crash in Karachi, said about the accident that The plane jerked and the captain flew again with perfect skill, after a diversion, when the pilot tried to land again, the engines failed.

Muhammad Zubair said that as soon as the plane crashed, it got dark and the voices of screams and cries started echoing. When I saw the light on one side, I went to the other side and jumped out of the plane.

Muhammad Zubair, the lucky survivor of the plane crash, is undergoing treatment at the hospital. In this regard, Provincial Minister Saeed Ghani had said in a Twitter message that he had met Muhammad Zubair, who was injured in the plane crash. 31% of the body has been burnt, he will recover soon.

It is to be noted that a plane coming from Lahore crashed on the population near Karachi Airport yesterday, in which 97 people were killed. Two people, including the head of Bank of Punjab, miraculously survived the accident. So far only 19 people have been identified.


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