PDF file attachment annotation tips

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This article begins with an introduction to a method for attaching files to a PDF, which is File Attachment Annotation. A file attachment comment is a type of PDF comment and is managed as one of the comments for each page in the PDF. You can attach an icon to the location of the attached file and add a memo to write a comment , this article will share the tips for you to add attached comments.

PDF file attachment annotation tips

The difference with attachments is that PDF readers that can display notes will show the presence of the attachment with an icon such as a pushpin in the place of the attachment on the page, and you can also view and edit the note. If you use this feature to exchange PDFs for discussion, you don’t have to send the file or state which part of the file is used for each exchange, so you can spend more time on things.

In Acrobat, use the Comments menu to display the Comments panel, select Attach File from Comments, and set the file.

Here’s how to add attachment notes using the “Convert pdf to word” conversion :


Step 1. Visit the homepage of AbcdPDF platform and click “PDF to Word”.

Step 2. After coming to the Convert pdf to word page, click “Upload file” to select the local PDF file.

Step 3. After the upload is completed, select “Convert” to convert, and a percentage progress bar will appear on the page .

Step 4. After the percentage progress bar is over , come to the following interface, click “Download” to download to the local.

Next, you need to use Word to add comments. The converted Word document by Convert pdf to word supports free editing and file annotation functions.

How to add attachment notes in Word:

  1. First, we open a document and place the cursor after the word we need to comment. Then cite, click the button next to the footnote.
  2. In the footnotes and endnotes command box, select the footnote, and select the numbering format we need in the numbering format, generally select the number with a circle.
  3. Then we have to renumber each page at the numbering. Then click Insert.
  4. Then the cursor automatically jumps to the end of the page, and the comments we need to add can be written. The font size and label size of this annotation can be adjusted.
  5. After writing the annotation, you will see a small label in the upper right corner of the real estate. Put the mouse on the label, and the content of the annotation you just entered will be displayed on the side.
  • Described above is how to annotate words. Commenting on a paragraph or a sentence is similar. First place the cursor after the paragraph, then cite, and click the button next to the footnote to open the footnote and endnote command box. Here we choose endnotes, because the comments for paragraphs are generally placed at the back of the entire document, and others can be adjusted as appropriate, and inserted after selection.
  1. At this time, the cursor jumps to the end of the document and now enters a comment.
  2. Similarly, after the input is complete, put the mouse on the paragraph comment label, and the content of our comment for the paragraph will be displayed.


How to add attachment notes to text? This article shows you how to add attachment notes via convert pdf to word and Word, both tools you need to do so are free forever.