Top 5 Tata Mutual Funds to Invest

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By Kaleem Ullah

India’s mutual fund industry will witness immense growth in the coming years. With more than 225 fund houses providing mutual funds, investors can choose their investments from a wide range of funds. 

Today, several online investment platforms allow investors to invest in different types of funds directly from their bank accounts. This helps you save on brokerage fees and manage your finances better. And one of the best ways you can invest your money is through a mutual fund. Let’s find out the top 5 tata mutual funds for you today.

Tata Small Cap Fund Direct-Growth

The Tata Small Cap Fund Direct is one of the best mutual fund schemes from Tata Mutual Fund. The scheme offers a diversified portfolio of Indian shares and international stocks, which can help you reduce risk and achieve better returns on invested money. You can invest in this scheme using online and offline modes such as cheques, Demand Drafts, or cash deposits. The minimum initial investment amount is only ₹150, which makes it an ideal choice for small investors.

Tata Infrastructure Direct Plan-Growth

Tata Infrastructure Direct Plan (TIDPL) is a specialized part of Tata Trusts’s balanced portfolio. TIDAL aims to build long-term wealth by investing in infrastructure-related projects. It is managed by Tata Trusts, which ensures both institutional and low-cost participation. As a result, TIDPL offers both long-term gains and an attractive entry point for investors. This means that TIDPL can take risks on smaller potential returns while still achieving big overall gains over time. It also means that TIDPL can be very cost-efficient compared to other options available to investors.

Tata Midcap Growth Direct Plan-Growth

Investing in the Tata Midcap Growth Direct Plan is a great way to achieve your financial goals. Tata Midcap Growth Direct Plan offers an FD and path to higher returns. With this plan, you can make regular investments so that you have more money when you’re ready to retire. You can also choose from a selection of mutual funds, stocks and bonds.

Tata Ethical Direct Plan-Growth

it can provide huge growth potential for your portfolio. With a minimum initial investment of only Rs 10,000, the Tata Ethical Direct Plan-Growth is one of the most affordable options for investors who want to build exposure to high-growth Indian companies. And with its long tenor of 5 years, the plan provides ample time for your investments to compound and give you a significant return on your investment.

Tata Digital India Fund 

Tata Digital India Fund is an open-ended equity fund managed by Tata Capital Investment Trust. It offers investors exposure to the digital economy in India through a basket of companies including startups, software and tech companies, IoT and AI companies, as well as some real estate firms. You’ll be getting exposure to a wide range of companies across different industries. Many of the companies listed on the fund’s website can be expected to grow over time thanks to their technology or business model.