Online Pharmacy scope after Covid-19 in Pakistan

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Covid-19 was unarguably one of the least anticipated events that shook the healthcare system in Pakistan. It not only pointed out the voids in the system but also showed its failure to keep up with the needs and demands of the current situation. Covid-19 or commonly known as Coronavirus is a contagious and highly transferable disease possibly transmitted through droplets produced by an infected person after sneezing, coughing as well as even exhaling. It can also be transmitted by touching any contaminated surface or by encountering an infected patient making it more fatal than it already is.

Due to Covid-19’s nature, the obvious step was to minimize the physical contact and interaction as soon as possible. Lockdowns and partial curfews were implemented throughout the world, including Pakistan. Patients were quarantined until they recovered. The healthcare system took a huge blow owing to the prevalent conditions. The pharmacy sector was no different.

The pandemic shed light on the scarcity of the physical pharmacies and the incompetence of the already existing ones. Physical pharmacies no longer being a viable option due to the implemented social distancing rules resulted in the dependency of the system on online pharmacies. Online pharmacies like emeds pharmacy are an excellent rendition of how online pharmacies should provide services to its customers.

There is already a set system of online pharmacies in Pakistan regulating medicinal drugs and online consultation to the consumers, but due to lack of interest and attention, the existing system is bordering the line of extinction. Covid-19 highlighted the benefits of online pharmacies but also created new prospects and scope for the online pharmacies in Pakistan after Covid-19.

Better medical care and service:

Pakistan’s pharmaceutical system has always been a weak link in the healthcare industry. The scarcity of properly licensed physical pharmacies, even less professionally trained pharmacists, and no proper channel for the guidance of the general public was available. Online pharmacies with their user-friendly web interface and mobile applications can tackle this easily. Apart from regulating medicines and distributing prescribed drugs under the complete supervision of trained pharmacists, they also provide consumers with complete details about medicines, its usage, dosage, and side effects included.

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These websites or mobile applications can set up online consultation with a specialist regarding any medical issue. Many online pharmacies like emeds pharmacy, provide the service of an online medical consultation with specialists. This proves useful, especially when the hospitals and emergency centers are crowded or out of reach. This has continued even after the restrictions of Covid-19 are lifted, and the patients can contact the doctors from the comfort of their homes without any hassle and saving their time.

Another great service online pharmacies can provide is keeping track of the patient’s medical history. It comes in handy if ever needed in the future for medical needs and consultation.

Proper Online Tracking:

Pakistan has always struggled with the prospect of a sound healthcare delivery system. Online pharmacies are an excellent solution. It is very easy to keep track of the misuse of medicinal drugs in an online licensed pharmacy. These pharmacies apart from providing medical care, prescribed and OTC (Over The Counter) medicines, can also keep a check and balance on the use and misuse of drugs or any irregularity reducing the chance of any illegal activity and price disruptions.

Job opportunities:

The limited number of licensed physical pharmacies resulted in even fewer job opportunities for pharmacists. Online pharmacies open a whole new prospect of job opportunities for these unemployed professionals now. Instead of staying at home and looking for jobs, these professionals can now explore an entirely new area of work. They can work for the pharmacies from the comfort and ease of their home, providing expert medical care and guidance without any hassle.

Online pharmacies not only benefit the pharmacists, but it also opens opportunities for IT professionals who will set up the entire web interface but also create new jobs in the form of delivery services.

Business prospect:

Online pharmacies are a complete virtual system that benefits consumers as well as creates new job opportunities and doesn’t require a lot of investment as opposed to physical pharmacies. Almost half of what goes into physical pharmacies can set up an entire virtual system that runs more smoothly, which from a business perspective is very pleasing and satisfying.

It is less troublesome to manage a virtual set up rather than a physical one. Due to the Covid-19 situation and dependency on online pharmacies, its profit value has increased, which is drawing interest from potential investors. Even after the pandemic, it can continue being a vital link in the healthcare system.


The need and demand for convenience have always been and will forever remain a high priority. Online pharmacies are if nothing else but extremely convenient. The patients can get consultations and order medicines according to the prescriptions which can be uploaded, from the comfort of their homes. Online pharmacies provide delivery services that are helpful for caretakers who cannot leave the patients alone to make trips to pharmacies.

Also, the websites are designed in a user-friendly way which makes it very convenient to navigate around. has dedicated an entire section just for the easier search of medicines by dividing them into categories for the ease of the customers.

Online pharmacies not only stock medicines but also provide many healthcare, personal care, feminine hygiene, wellness and fitness, vitamins, medical, and first aid products like bandages and ointments making it very easy to get help and care simultaneously.


One thing that physical pharmacies lack is any awareness campaign for medical healthcare systems, medical care, prevention, and precautions about diseases, and many more. In contrast, online pharmacies publish their own blogs using articles, animations, and many video tutorials for public awareness and education.