eCommerce Sales Growth: Top 10 Products Sold During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected almost all aspects of daily life. These aspects of life, including how people are shopping nowadays and what they are shopping for most. This pandemic and the state of isolation and uncertainty have resulted in considerable changes in the consumer’s shopping behavior from buying in bulk to online shopping as well.

The global eCommerce online sales are estimated to reach $5 trillion by 2021. Even before the pandemic, global eCommerce sales were booming, but this online shopping sector has gone into hyper-growth. Due to the rapid conversion of consumers into online shopping, several businesses are also doing the same to meet the demand and stay relevant in these times.

In contrast to the eCommerce sales projection for January to February 2020, the top 10 products sold online have shown an online retail sales growth of 100% during April 2020.

Top 10 Products Sold:

The following list below, mentions the product categories that customers who previously bought these offline are buying now from online. These products range from necessities to cosmetics and all. Also, the growth rate that will be mentioned below will be in comparison to the eCommerce sales during January and February 2020.

Food And Groceries

Food And Groceries

This category of food and other groceries has seen steady online groceries sales growth of 605%.

Several stores, restaurants, and bars have been closed or at least have limited their operating hours and capacities during this time of the pandemic. Bulk-shopping, as well as supply and shipping delays, have resulted in many necessary goods to be unavailable in the local stores and retailers. Due to all this, the food and groceries category has seen a steady global eCommerce sales growth, as many shoppers turned towards online shopping to find their required products.

Home and Garden

Home and Garden

The home and garden category has seen an online sales growth of 330%.

People, due to the pandemic need to have a quarantined lifestyle, are paying more attention to their home environment. They are now taking a good look and doing online shopping for their furniture, wall-decors, etc. These people are now going online rapidly to buy new furniture to replace the old and broken ones. By following the eCommerce sales funnel, they buy all sorts of housing and garden products that will make their house look nice and fresh.

Pet Care

This category of pet care products has seen a steady 327% online sales growth during the time of the pandemic.

Every person who owns a pet loves them and only wants their pets to be happy. Due to the global pandemic, people are spending more time with their pets; thus, they are also investing more in products that are helpful to their pets and products that their pets need. The eCommerce sales projections have shown that people who own pets are buying pet products like beds, toys, pillows, etc. at an increasing pace.

Games and Leisure

Games and Leisure

The games and leisure product categories have seen an online retail sales growth of 312% in recent times.

This pandemic has brought a lot of free time in people’s lives. They are staying at home, and even after doing the household chores, one still is left with an ample of free time. These people tend to use this free time doing something they like, for example pursuing their hobbies or playing games. These people then tend to buy these games and leisure products online following the eCommerce sales process.

Clothing and Apparel

Clothing and Apparel

Clothing and apparel have seen a 226% global eCommerce sales growth in recent times.

Regular shoppers are unable to meet their shopping demands by going to stores personally. So, as per the global eCommerce sales report, these shoppers are almost regularly shopping to their heart’s content online through different sites. Even people pursuing to practice any athletics follow the eCommerce sales process and end up buying recommended clothing for better training.

Flowers and plants

Flowers and plants

The eCommerce sales of flowers and plants have seen a growth of 198%. People are trying to make their house, both interior and exterior, beautiful, and the best way to do this are by placing flowers and plants. This pandemic period has seen several people fall into the eCommerce sales funnel to buy the plants and flowers for their houses.

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Health and Beauty

Health and beauty category has seen an online sales growth of 166%.

People are nowadays, trying to take better care of themselves either through their health or through their looks. Due to which, health and beauty products have seen a spike in eCommerce online sales. Also, according to the eCommerce sales projections, the closing of several salons and barbers, have led people to make their cosmetic maintenance.


Online shopping of books has seen a growth of 151%. Due to the pandemic, people have more time to read books and pass their time. According to the e-commerce sales projections, books, and other reading materials have seen a significant rise in global eCommerce sales growth.

Art and Crafting

The eCommerce sales of art and crafting products have seen a growth of 133% in this pandemic time.

Art has always been a source of inspiration, and during this pandemic time, people are clinging to art to pass the time and find inspiration. Shoppers have brought upon an online retails sales growth of art and craft products to help them get creative.


Music instruments and products have seen a global eCommerce sales growth of 107%.

People follow their passion during this time and due to which they fall into the eCommerce sales funnel and which gives rise to the sale of these products.


The COVID-19 situation is dire. People are needed to stay at home. Several businesses can work usually and need to transfer their business online. People are forced to enter into the eCommerce sales process and are buying all sorts of products varying from necessities to cosmetics. This has given online grocery sales growth as well as other eCommerce growth as well.