No area of Lahore is safe from Corona

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A summary sent to Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar has revealed that the coronavirus has spread to a dangerous extent in Lahore, no residential area and town is safe from the epidemic.

Secretary Health Captain (retd) Usman said that a summary was sent to the Punjab Chief Minister on May 15 by the Health Department regarding the status of Coronavirus cases in Lahore.

In the summary sent to the Punjab Chief Minister, it was informed that samples were taken from Corona hotspots, residential, and workplaces. In general, 5.18 percent of the samples taken and 6.01 percent of the tests in Smart Sampling were positive. The summary revealed that in all the samples, the test was 6% positive, in some towns it was 7.14%.

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In the summary sent to the Punjab Chief Minister by the Health Department, the actual number of new patients of Corona in Lahore has been estimated at 670,000. The summary revealed that the ratio is alarming in Lahore, not any residential area or town where the disease is not present.

The technical working group of the health department has recommended a complete lockdown of 4 weeks in Lahore. It has been recommended that people above the age of 50 should be kept in quarantine or isolated and people should be required to stay at home.

Capt. (Retd) Usman said the recommendations were sent by experts. The summary said that the recommendations of the technical working group should also be sought from other departments.

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The health secretary said that regular testing was done before the recommendations were made, adding that it was difficult to predict new patients as the disease had intensified in recent days.