Must-Try Activities While in Virginia

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Virginia is a state that is often known for its historical significance and breathtaking beauty. While this state is somewhat small, there is an abundance of wondrous opportunities for any incoming visitor. As you plan your upcoming trip to Virginia, here are a few activities and excursions that you need to make sure you take advantage of.

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Adult Beverages

Not many people realize this, but Virginia is a place that offers a bounty of delicious adult beverages. If you are looking to explore local and delectable drinks, look no further than a small, local brewery in Richmond or wineries near Charlottesville. It is said that Virginia is for lovers, and you will fall in love with adult beverages abound.

Outdoor Excursions

Surrounded by some of the most breathtaking backgrounds, Virginia has plenty of activities for nature lovers and adventurists. Everything from water-based activities like kayaking to hiking the Shenandoah Valley, you can see the wonders of nature in a variety of ways.

Family-Friendly Adventures

If you are carting around kiddos, there are plenty of things for families to do while visiting Virginia too. Everything from local museums to theme parks to zoos and aquariums can be great fun for the whole family. Home to Busch Gardens, Water Country, and Kings Dominion, it can be fun for all. Whether you are looking to embrace your inner child or occupy your children, you have plenty of options.

Historically Significant Sites

One of the most commonly known features of Virginia is the historical significance that this state has in this country’s history. With monumental sites like Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, George Washington’s Mount Vernon, and Colonial Williamsburg, you can immerse yourself in the country’s history. You will likely need to visit more than once to see all of these amazing sites.

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If you are planning a visit to Virginia, make sure to rest up, as your schedule is like to be packed. With activities for just about anyone, you may find yourself never wanting to leave or booking your next vacation before you even leave this one.