More than 2,000 women daily beat their husbands

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More than 2,000 women daily torture their husbands

British police report that violence against wives’ husbands is increasing rapidly. According to the Daily Mail report, British police have issued a report regarding husbands affected by wives, saying that in the last 10 years, the number of women who beat their husbands has increased threefold. Make.

The report states that in the UK alone, in 2009, 27,762 husbands who were subjected to violence by wives reported cases, which increased to 92,409 by 8 years. The highest number of incidents were reported in the UK’s West Yorkshire, where 10,000 women were subjected to violence by their husbands, a police report said. According to British police, violence against women has increased so much that an average of 2,000 cases is being reported daily.