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The wearable device market has not yet taken off, or rather, it has not taken off as some analysts had predicted. However, there are still many companies in the hi-tech world that invest in this sector and Huawei is one of them. Instead of focusing exclusively on smartwatches, huawei watch has preferred to differentiate its proposal by offering the public various types of wearables, such as the devices of the Band range, Smart fitness bracelets, and TalkBand, which combine the advantages of fitness bracelets with some of the features more appreciable than smartwatches. But we will talk more about this shortly.

The famous Chinese group, which we have come to know thanks to its smartphones characterized by an excellent quality-price ratio, has landed in the wearable device market in a less important way than Samsung or other manufacturers but still has a rich catalog to its credit. of interesting proposals.

What Huawei Offers

Now let’s try to go in order and see what the variables are that must be taken into account before choosing a Huawei smartwatch or any other wearable device of the Asian company. At the end of this brief examination, we will then see which are the best Huawei wearables and how to buy them at a good price on the Internet. Enjoy your reading and have fun!

How to choose a Huawei smartwatch

Before buying a Huawei smartwatch, learn to evaluate the technical characteristics of these devices and to distinguish “smart” watches from other types of wearable devices. Below you will find all the information you need.

Huawei smartwatch

As just mentioned, smartwatches are not the only wearable devices in the Huawei catalog: there are also other categories of devices that, in certain circumstances, for example during sports, can be even more comfortable to use. Let’s try to analyze them all in detail.


Smartwatches are so well known that I don’t think they need any introduction. These are “smart” watches that synchronize with the smartphone and allow you to view notifications, respond to them, make and receive calls, track sports activities and run many applications suitable for various purposes.

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These are smartwatches with a distinctly sporting vocation. They often include GPS, to accurately calculate the routes taken and track their movements without the aid of a smartphone, and a sensor for detecting the heartbeat (in addition to the most obvious functions to count steps and calories burned).


As the name suggests, smartbands (also called fitness trackers or fitness bands) are devices that look quite similar to smartwatches that focus on monitoring sports activities. They have greater autonomy than smartwatches but offer fewer features on the apps and calls front. Their prices are variable but still lower than those of more advanced smartwatches.


TalkBands are a type of smartband that borrow some features from smartwatches. In the vision of the Chinese manufacturer, they consist of bracelets made with quality materials in which removable touch-screens are embedded, which can be used as a Bluetooth headset to answer calls from the phone.

As for water sports, the Huawei Watch GT 2e records all the data of your workouts underwater, both in the pool and outdoors, including your heart rate while swimming. It is water-resistant up to a depth of 50 meters.

There are several ways to access pre-configured training programs. Within some sports profiles, there are programs with specific goals, such as losing weight, combining walking with running, and others. In addition, in the Huawei Health app, there are specific training programs for distance: to get to run 5K, 10K, half marathon, or full marathon.