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About Kumara Parvatha Trek: The articulation goes Dreams are not solely to be envisioned, Dreams are to be lived! KumaraParvatha, also called KP, also called Pushpagiri, was on our hit once-over for extremely long. So far, I had quite recently gotten some answers concerning how irksome the trek is, and the trekker in me was pushing me to go there. Finally, in November 2019, we vanquished KP viably, and that is a long story that, as of now, spreads out. Me, Raja, Guru, and Nag were a bit of this trek again.

How to reach Kumara Parvatha Trek

  1. Start from behind the asylum at Kukke Subramanya; experience the Bhattara mane, SheshaParvatha, Kallu Mantapa, to land at Kumara Parvatha trek. The drop can be on a comparable course or towards Beedhalli – Somwarpet. Rising or from Kukke side generally acknowledges over a day as it’s grandiose. 2. Reach Somwarpet and starting there Beedhalli – the timberland office is the starting stage and starting there to the top of KP (headings are all around referenced here). Plunge can be either the same course or towards Kukke.

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We needed to trek from the Somwarpet side and get down towards Kukke the next day, finishing on the top for the night. I Went to Somwarpet by KSRTC Rajahamsa and returned tickets from Kukke by KSRTC Volvo were saved. As read in Santosh’s blog, the course of action fixed was to leave by the Rajahamsa transport to Somwarpet and catch the interfacing transport to Beedhalli at 7:20 am and a short time later starts trekking. During late events, as often as possible, have been our trips with no twist in the story, and now too was one such happening that is being spread out in parts.

Day 1-

On the previous day of our development, Raja didn’t know about going with us on this trek! Crazy exchange of calls and it was inferred that we would continue with our trek leaving him, yet simultaneously trades were on.

Day 2-

twentieth November 2019– I, Guru, and Nag boarded the 9 pm vehicle at Majestic, and we were in constant touch with Raja. He said he would be free by midnight, and it is difficult to join. As our trip started, Guru and I were scratching our body – Bedbugs! Crap! So far, the main go through such a loathsome contribution with KSRTC transport.

Day 3-

Half dozing in the vehicle at around 12, Raja returned to instruct his movement was done and what next we uncovered to him flood back home, get your pack, get a taxi, reach SMTC transport stand, travel to Mysore and starting there to Somwarpet. Brain you, this was not during daytime yet around night time. He agreed!

Day 4-

Raja rushed back home and called again to check for any taxi no’s. I googled on my E63, found a 24hr taxi organization, and gave the contact data. Luckily it worked out, and he got the taxi by 1:30 am. He took the 2:30 am vehicle from the SMTC transport stand and landed at Mysore by 4:30 am. Again I took the first car at 5 am and came to Somwarpet by 7 am! He was looking dead depleted, and we were astoundingly happy to have him go with us. In the mele, he fails to bring his jacket, shoes similarly to his camera. Eventually, we didn’t require him to miss this trek, and the craving was fulfilled! An encounter before the experience itself! 🙂

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Alright! By and by, as we had missed the partner transport to Beedhalli, we got a jeep to drop us till the starting phase of the trek for Rs 600/ – that was around 20kms away. Noon and off we started from near the asylum. The primary objective was the Beedhalli APC (Anti Poaching Camp) that is a couple of KMS away, where we need to pay a couple of costs and register our nuances with them for security reasons. This was the first event when we had plans to tent on and were passing on a tent, resting mats, and sustenance things with us. These were the vital included burdens to our backs.

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Slowly and mindfully, we got down to enter a shola run and again trek extremely to land at the most elevated purpose of SheshaParvatha. This is legitimately nearby KumaraParvatha and is a portion of the time frustrated to be KP by the people who trek from Kukke. It takes after you are over KP, by then get down halfway vertically and again climb SheshaParvatha that exhausted over an hour inside late memory. Extraordinary light, shocking scene, and our photo sessions started, and following a break of 30 minutes, we started moving again. From here till the end we kept social occasion various trekkers who were climbing and everybody enquiring.