Kids Bike Shopping: Little Things to Know 

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By Kaleem Ullah

If you are currently raising toddlers, then you might have them wanting their first bikes soon! As your kid grows, they develop apt body coordination and, by the age of four, they are all set to ride safe. However, most parents may worry about their kids tumbling over their bikes anytime. 

In such cases, buying kids bikes can seem a downhill task, as you will skim through brands that offer the best stability. But when it comes to buying your kid’s first bike, there are some factors to consider as well. 

How to find the right kids bike?

To begin with, make sure you only pick bikes from the kid’s section. Always choose those bikes with a broad age range, so your kids do not outgrow soon after they merely start riding. The thumb rule is to get the right-size bike and every other factor will fall in line.

To make your journey easier, here is a list of things to know and do before you buy a kids bike:

1: Knowing the age-size charts

Your kid’s age corresponds to the bike size. But when buying bikes, there isn’t only one single size factor to consider. Initially, you can start with the wheel diameter. Bikes with three or four-foot wheels can match kids of ages two and three. However, if you go with the inch scale, most bikes come with a wheel diameter of twelve to fourteen inches for four and five-year-olds. 

To be generic, the bigger the wheels, the better it suits higher age groups. Picking bikes according to the size chart ensures that the knees do not hit the handlebar while riding. Also, your kid will not have to strain or stretch their legs often to reach the pedals! The right size for the best comfort. 

2: Getting the inseam numbers

While you shop for bikes, you would come across the inseam length specs. Until you know the accurate inseam size, it is arduous to find the right bike. To get the inseam measurements, have your child stand against a wall with the spine upright. Then, place a book between the legs to make a seat like setting and tape the length from spine to foot. If your kid is around five years old, bikes with an inseam length of 14 to 20 inches would be accurate. 

3: Does your child need training wheels?

If you feel your kid could lose balance even on a lightweight bike, then go for the bikes with training wheels. Also, if you are looking to buy a cycle, begin to assist your kid in teaching to pedal; training wheels can keep them upright. However, remember to check if the wheels are removable so that once your kid feels confident and stable, you can put them off

4: Care for the brakes

Another vital feature to consider before buying kids bikes is the brake system. A kids bike with hand brakes isn’t the most likable choice because little children may fail to put pressure on their hands. In such cases, bikes with coaster brakes are the safest choice. They are also called the backpedalling system and pedalling in the reverse direction will cause the bike to halt.

5: Be mindful of the head protection

The past five years has recorded more than 563 deaths of Australian children and, most of the cases are transport accidents. Buying your kid a bike without the proper helmet could turn into an expensive mistake through a possible road accident. It’s better to prefer bikes that come with a paired helmet that can guard even the chin and has straps that fit the right way.