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I wanted to know what 21 celebrities who left us too soon would look like today, So I used A.I. to get the answer

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By Admin Desk

Sadly, many actors, singers, and celebrities leave this world way too soon. Many fans feel heartbroken and mourn their passing for a long time. Even though they are no longer with us, they will always be in our hearts and memories. Not to mention the legacy and beauty they left behind: movies, songs, and a great impact on people, culture, and sometimes the whole world.

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I decided to take artificial intelligence apps and Photoshop and see if I can revive these celebrities to see what they would look like if they were with us today. Artificial intelligence is, of course, far from perfect. Some of these images look quite creepy, some don’t change the celebrity that much.

1: John Lennon

Born October 9, 1940.
Died December 8, 1980.
Would be 81 years old in 2021.

John Lennon
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

Most of you probably know what artificial intelligence is. It has become very popular over the past years, with a lot of artists, programmers, and even businesses starting to use it. This new technology will probably be incorporated further and further into our lives. A.I. would lessen human error, take risks instead of humans, always be ready to work and would never get tired, and many other helpful things.

2: Steve Irwin

Born February 22, 1962.
Died September 4, 2006.
Would be 59 years old in 2021.

Steve Irwin
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

3: David Bowie

Born January 8, 1947.
Died January 10, 2016.
Would be 74 years old in 2021.

David Bowie
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

However, there are some downsides if A.I. was incorporated into everyday life. Many say that humans would become too lazy. Using A.I. in work would result in a lot of human unemployment. The A.I. will never be as creative and emotional as humans. Also, with deepfakes becoming more and more used and popular, people fear that their identities would be stolen.

4: Freddie Mercury

Born September 5, 1946.
Died November 24, 1991.
Would be 75 years old in 2021.

Freddie Mercury
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

5: Elvis Presley

Born January 8, 1935.
Died August 16, 1977.
Would be 86 years old in 2021.

Elvis Presley
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

6: Lady Diana

Born July 1, 1961.
Died August 31, 1997.
Would be 60 years old in 2021.

Lady Diana
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

7: Bon Marley

Born February 6, 1945.
Died May 11, 1981.
Would be 76 years old in 2021.

Bon Marley
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

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8: Whitney Houston

Born August 9, 1963.
Died February 11, 2012.
Would be 58 years old in 2021.

Whitney Houston
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

9: Tupac Shakur

Born June 16, 1971.
Died September 13, 1996.
Would be 50 years old in 2021.

Tupac Shakur
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

10: Paul Walker 

Was born September 12, 1973.
Died November 30, 2013.
Would be 48 years old in 2021.

Paul Walker
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

11: James Dean

Born February 8, 1931.
Died September 30, 1955.
Would be 90 years old in 2021.

James Dean
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

12: Prince

Born June 7, 1958.
Died September April 21, 2016.
Would be 63 years old in 2021.

Image Source: Hidreley Diao

13: Marilyn Monroe 

Born June 1, 1926.
Died August 4, 1962.
Would be 95 years old in 2021.

Marilyn Monroe
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

14: Heath Leger

Heath Leger
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

15: Brittany Murphy

Born November 10, 1977.
Died December 20, 2009.
Would be 44 years old in 2021.

Brittany Murphy
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

16: Bruce Lee

Born November 27, 1940.
Died July 20, 1973.
Would be 81 years old in 2021.

Bruce Lee
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

17: Michael Jackson

Born August 29, 1958.
Died June 25, 2009.
Would be 63 years old in 2021.

Michael Jackson
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

18: Brandon Lee

Born February 1, 1965.
Died March 31, 1993.
Would be 56 years old in 2021.

Brandon Lee
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

19: River Phoenix

Born August 23, 1970.
Died October 31, 1993.
Would be 51 years old in 2021.

River Phoenix
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

20: Kurt Cobain

Born February 20, 1967.
Died September April 5, 1994.
Would be 54 years old in 2021.

Kurt Cobain
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

21: Amy Winehouse

Born September 14, 1983.
Died July 23, 2011.
Would be 38 years old in 2021.

Amy Winehouse
Image Source: Hidreley Diao

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