How To Write A Demonstrative Essay?

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Essay Writing:

In a demonstrative essay, you give your informed and substantiated opinion about a phenomenon, problem or development based on your field research or literature study.

The purpose of a demonstrative essay is to convince your readers of your statement. You do this by presenting arguments for your point of view and refuting counter arguments with evidence, such as logical reasoning, statistics or research results. You write a conclusion based on your arguments.

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Start with your essay

First, you have to choose a good subject about which you are passionate and have a (strong) opinion. You must also define this topic so that your essay does not become too long or too generic. After this, you think of your position.

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Before you start writing, you create an outline to outline the structure of your essay. You then first write a draft version and only then the final version based on what you have already written, only now you pay attention to the correct structure, correct use of paragraphs and paragraphs, possibly paragraph titles, writing style,  and correct language use.

Essay introduction

You start the introduction of your essay with a catchy initial sentence to stimulate your reader to continue reading. After this, you provide the necessary background information so that your reader understands what you are talking about and can then follow your argument.

You conclude the introduction with your statement or the point of view from which you want to convince your readers in your essay that forms the common thread of your essay.


You defend your position against criticism with an argument. The argumentation is the most important part of your essay. With arguments for, refutation of counter-arguments you convince your reader of your point of view. You do this by putting forward an argument and proving it based on facts, literature research, own research and/or watertight reasoning.

Put your arguments in a logical order, present enough arguments and write a sentence per argument.

Essay conclusion 

In your conclusion, you show that your position is correct. If You do this by explaining why all arguments lead to the only conclusion, namely your point of view. You answer the question: “And so?”

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You end your conclusion with a powerful concluding sentence that convinces your reader even more of your position, makes you think or encourages action. Then check with our checklist whether all parts are present.

Title essay and paragraph titles

The title of your essay should not only inform the reader about the subject but also encourage it to read your essay. Paragraph titles do the same but are unusual in essays unless the essay is longer than 5 pages.

Writing style

The writing style in an essay is less formal than other scientific genres such as a thesis but is still serious. Be original but do not play the fun, avoid vague language and the passive voice and use the correct connection words and verb times.

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Source references in your essay

The list of sources may vary from the scientific literature to popular scientific texts and from websites to current media reports. Always use the correct reference style when citing the source using the APA Generator or the MLA Generator.

You usually place a short reference list directly below your article. As a result, you do not have to refer to your sources as extensively in your essay as you do in a thesis. However, it is also possible that you must always indicate all sources. Find out what your education requires of you. If any of your refrences are written in a foreign language, make sure you use a certified language translation company to ensure you understand what the text says.