How to Wear a Belt Bag Like a Fashionista in 2022

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By John Wick


If you are big into fashion, then you would agree that a bag can make or break your style, in fact this item that is oftentimes neglected is an important piece to make your whole outfit look armonic, and ignoring this advice can lead to epic fashion failures. If you would like to have the latest piece of advice from the experts, concerning the newest and most popular trends specifically on belt bags, also known as waist bags, keep reading and find out what will work best for you. Some of the key factors that we should keep in mind are your personal needs, the occasion and the clothes you are wearing, among others, but next we will talk about them more in depth so, get ready to rock your belt bag and don’t miss our top suggestions.

1.Combine it with formal clothes

Blazers are not wearing items that should be reserved for the office only. They are a good option to use for any  casual date or hangout in the downtown as well. By using a chic belt bag you will be adding an extra dimension and some texture, which can be used around your waist or across your shoulder. If you haven’t worn this combination yet, it might be worth it starting to experience new ways of expressing yourself through fashion.

2.Add a futuristic trench

Thanks to new ways of production, we now have innovative fabrics in our clothing that not only look amazing but are also comfortable options, making them ideal options for those busy women out there. Among these materials we have vinyl and it looks especially good on trench coats. A creative way to make them look even better on you is by pairing it with a textured belt bag, playing with the contrasts and wearing it on top of the trench coat to create a fabulous combo.

3.Dare to try bright colors

It is easy to get caught up wearing the same colors over and over again, especially during the winter season, when neutral colors tend to take over our whole closets. If you want to start using a belt bag, an awesome way to make it stand up in your outfit (in a positive way) is by using unusual beautiful colors, even when these are often worn during summer. Having a bright pink bag along with your black jacket and jeans, or a sweet yellow with your gray dress can take your outfit to the next level.

Besides looking so c

4.Wear it for a casual day

ute, blt bags are also great for functional purposes. Even when you are using your regular t-shirts and a comfortable pair of jeans, you can fasten your belt bag around your waist and enjoy the pleasure of having your hands free as you are running some errands on a normal day. Remember that you can be casual and comfortable in your sneakers while feeling attractive by adding special accessories, such as a chic bag.


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