Why skateboarding should not be banned?

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By Kaleem Ullah

Many people have misconceptions about it and believe that it should be prohibited in busy settings. However, there are more compelling reasons why skateboarding should not be prohibited in public spaces. Myths about it have led some to believe that it should be prohibited because it is harmful to others. The following is a description of how it causes no harm to anyone and should not be banned.

Source of Transportation for Some People

Skateboarding should not be forbidden in public places because it would make it difficult for people who only have a skateboard and use it to get around. So, if you restrict it, you’re effectively outlawing someone’s mode of transportation.

Some people cannot afford to pay the daily bus fee, therefore they rely on their fuel-free means of transportation, which should not be prohibited

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Easy To Built Skateboard Paths

The government is doing everything it can to keep skateboarders off the road, including erecting fences and other barriers. The government will have to spend a lot of money to accomplish all of this.

However, if they utilize some of that money, a specialized road for skateboarders can be built, and pedestrians and other cars will not be inconvenienced. Furthermore, these routes require minimal investment and last indefinitely.

Speed Is Less

Skateboarders are not allowed to enter metropolitan areas because the government believes it is harmful. Pedestrians are vulnerable to injury, hence the safety of residents is paramount.

Skateboarding, on the other hand, is not a fast-moving vehicle, hence this statement is false. It moves at a slow pace, and when the person wants to halt it, he may do so in a matter of seconds.

No, Sever Injury

When accidents involving other cars occur, it is a very awful time for other people because passengers are severely harmed. Bones have broken down in many cases, and significant head injuries have also occurred.


Unfortunately, some people are injured so severely that they lose their mobility, and some people even die as a result of such events. Skateboarding, on the other hand, is all about control; there is no mechanical involved. If an accident occurs as a result of someone’s negligence, there will be no major consequences. You may simply get a couple of crashes on your skin. However, extreme caution is required, therefore always wear a helmet, arm, and leg protection.

Everything Is In Control

Everything is automatic in other vehicles. They employ various machinery that requires maintenance regularly, and you cannot rely on machines because they can fail at any time.

The electric skateboard wholesale, on the other hand, lacks such machinery; there are only a few easy-to-maintain screws, so there is no risk of breaks failing.

When someone is in front of you, you can take a turn right away; similarly, you can stop right away. So everything is in your hands; you must be active and devote your entire focus to skating.

Hindrance In Physical Activities

Skateboarding is a sport that children adore and practice with zeal. However, when they learn that they can only utilize it in a specific location, they get pessimistic and dismiss it as uninteresting.

Because youngsters crave attention and praise, they will quit doing their feat if they are unable to do so in a public area. As a result, children may gravitate toward internet gaming, which can be harmful to one’s health if played for an extended period.

No Noise Pollution

When we step outside and go down the street, we see a lot of vehicles and hear a lot of horns. Overall, noise pollution is increasing, resulting in headaches, sadness, and stress-related difficulties in humans, among other things.

Skateboards, on the other hand, are particularly environmentally friendly because they lack horns and other machinery. As a result, they should not be prohibited in public spaces because they have no harmful environmental consequences.

However, when the base plate screws are loose, the bearings are dry, and the raiser pad is broken or loose, it begins to make noise. As a result, it is necessary to oil its dried parts regularly and to repair any cracked pieces.

Environmental Friendly

Other vehicles we see in public spaces, such as buses and card bikes, utilize non-recyclable fuel and will eventually run out. Furthermore, they emit a variety of toxic substances into the atmosphere.

Although most automobiles have filters, certain developing countries do not have filters, which has an impact on the environment and changes the climatic pattern.

Skateboards, on the other hand, are environmentally friendly because they do not require any gasoline, saving our resources. Skateboards also do not emit any gases into the atmosphere, hence they should not be prohibited in public locations.

If the government outlaws them in public places, more people would take public transportation, consuming more fuel and causing more extreme climate change. Non-recyclable fuels must be used with caution and saved for future generations.