How to Keep Warm While Keeping Your Utility Bill Down

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The holiday season might be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the most stressful time for your wallet. As temperatures start to drop, utility bills increase. Luckily, there are several things you can do to minimize this increase.

Winter And Your Utility Bill

Whenever the demand for power goes up like in the winter months, the cost of power generation and its delivery goes up, as the grid that gets electricity from the generator to your home becomes more taxed. Additionally, there are several specific factors that can drive up your Reliant Energy bill.

1: Faulty wiring or electrical meter

Faulty wiring is usually behind flickering lights when an appliance like a hairdryer is running, or simply a noticeable change in how your large appliance works. A faulty electrical meter could be giving incorrect readings concerning your energy usage.

2: Outdated apparel

Old devices consume much more electricity than modern energy-efficient devices that provide the same performance and even last longer.

3: Inefficient HVAC

Heating and cooling costs are the biggest contributors to your electricity bill. A malfunctioning HVAC with air leaks, poorly maintained filters, or blocked vents will consume even more electricity as the unit needs to work even harder to maintain the desired temperature.

Tips To Keep Your Winter Utility Bill Down

There are plenty of things you can do to prevent your utility bill from challenging your budget.

1: Fix drafts

Air leaks can increase your energy bill by 30%. The weatherstripping will solve that problem.

2: Seal off rooms you don’t use

Close any room that you don’t use to retain heat.

3: Make your household more energy-efficient

Winter brings shorter days and fewer hours of daylights so LED light bulbs will pay for themselves as they consume less electricity and last much longer than their traditional alternative.

4: Reverse your ceiling fans

You read it right, you can benefit from your ceiling fans even during winter. Changing the direction to clockwise and having them work at a slower speed will push warm air downward and make the room warmer.

Frugal Ways To Keep Warm In The Winter

There are many simple things you can do to keep warm without the help of electricity.

1: Dress for the occasion

Wear layers and even a hat and gloves if you have to. Get a warm blanket and wool socks. Make sure your curtains have a thermal lining. Turn your curtains into an insulating barrier.

Eat warming food and drink warming drinks

Winter’s menu is abundant with healthy soups and stews. Eat warm oatmeal for breakfast and drink ginger or any other warm tea. Your body and your tummy will thank you. Avoid drinking alcohol before going outside as it will warm you up only by drawing heat from your vital organs.

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The general rule of thermogenesis is that the foods that take longer to digest help raise our body temperature. Some of the foods that can stimulate this process are butternut squash, bananas, and ginger. You can even enjoy your cup of coffee as caffeine speeds up your metabolism and can raise your body temperature. Just make sure you drink plenty of water as dehydration will cause your body temperature to drop.

Be as active as possible

Becoming a couch potato is too easy when it’s too cold outside. The movement will boost your circulation and help keep you warm. Your body, joints included, will thank you for even the lightest form of physical activity that will also boost your endorphin levels and make you feel good.


It’s up to you not to let your utility bill break your budget. All it takes is a bit of effort and you’ll be surprised what small improvements can do. Winter is the time of holiday music, twinkling lights, picturesque snow, and cozy nights by the fire. Don’t let your utility bill ruin the magic.