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Every year thousands of International travelers plan for Pakistan tour. As after the royal visit to Pakistan the more and more foreigners are planning to visit Pakistan, especially to visit the northern areas of Pakistan. Recently, Pakistan is chosen as the best place to visit in 2020 by the biggest travel Magazine of the US. So, if you are planning to visit Pakistan this year, so you need to get a Letter of Invitation (Loi) or sponsor letter to apply for the Pakistan visa. You can get Loi from any Tour Operator or Hotel from Pakistan.

In this article, we will recommend you the best travel company to get a Letter of Invitation for the Pakistan tour.


Pakistan a country of Himalayas Mountain, Rivers, and beautiful tradition and culture. The country is blessed with some amazing places to visit. Due to bordering with India, China, Iran and Afghanistan it is known as more eminent from a geographical point of view. The routes connected to Europe makes it a more amazing place to visit. Pakistan is such a place that is filled with natural beauty, green valley, arid dessert and many amazing landscapes.

In the last, two, three years the Pakistan tourism industry is started to flourish. Because of the tremendous change in the perception of foreign people. A lot of tourists are planning to visit Pakistan this year. British Backpacker Society, named Pakistan the best place to visit in 2020.

What is the Letter of Invitation (LOI)?

A letter of invitation (LOI) is the first thing you will need if you want to travel to any foreign country. It is a written document issued to the person (or tourist) willing to go to another country. LOI is approved by the ministry of affairs while issued by travel tours and agencies. The procedure starts by applying to the ministry of affairs by travel and tour agencies. But, the Ministry of Affairs has a right to postponed or cancel the application without giving an explanation or notice. This Letter is granted to a person with a specific purpose and acts as a “guarantee” that the person will not conduct any illegal activity in the country he is going to visit. Thus, make sure the documents and requirements should be completed before applying.

 Why is LOI mandatory to visit Pakistan?

A letter of invitation is mandatory for every tourist who wants to explore different places in Pakistan. If the purpose is to meet any friend or family, then you need to request a sponsor letter from that respective friend or host. This Letter is given due to security concerns and some other safety measures.

The purpose of the visit should be clearly mentioned. In case the foreigner visitor did not go back or plan to overstay his visit, then this can put him in any unhappy situation. The only solution is the renewal of his visa. Otherwise, strict measures can be taken by concern authorities for the tourists who stayed illegal in the country.

How to apply for LOI?

A tourist will need a Letter of invitation (LOI) or Sponsor Letter if he wants to travel to Pakistan, especially to the northern areas of Pakistan. Pakistan has relatively strict visa rules, and no foreign tourists can visit without a Letter of invitation to Pakistan.
The person who is hosting the foreign visitor will have to provide the information, i.e., duration of the stay, place of a visit, other contact information. Also, the host must provide a copy of his Pakistani passport or ID card. The LOI must be duly attested by a Gazetted Government Officer in Pakistan, with also an attested copy of CNIC/NICOP attached.
If the purpose of the visit is other than visiting any friend or family, like tourism, trekking,  then he needs an invitation letter from a registered travel and tour company in Pakistan. The Ministry of Tourism issues the final approval in Pakistan.

Essential points for when you apply:

  • Select any authorized and registered travel and tour agency.
  • Complete the required procedure according to their requirement ( Some tour agency give LOI without their tour packages while others don’t)
  • Pay the required amount of fee for LOI. (you can choose credit card or another online transaction option)
  • Send your documents and other credential details like passport number etc.
  • Tour package prices might be different for tourists of different countries.
  • After receiving a Letter of invitation, an applicant can apply for a visa, along with other documents.
  • For more information, the tourist can also contact the nearby embassy ( as documents requirements also can be different for different countries)

How much is the LOI fee for visiting Pakistan?

Most embassies require a letter of invitation from a registered tour company located in Pakistan. You can get in touch with any registered one. The Cost will be around about 70-80$, even can be more in some cases. Some tour operators charge no fee for issuance of LOI upon availing their tour packages.

Tour Operators who can offer LOI?

Several travels and tour companies are working in Pakistan who provides the service of issuance of Letter of invitation. A Loi is only valid if issued by an authorized and registered tour company within the region of Pakistan. Some companies only allow LOI if the tourists avail their tour packages as well. In some cases, tour companies charged a high price from the tourists of Europe or America, also from solo or groups.

Citizens of which country cannot apply for LOI to Pakistan?

No LOI is possible for the following three countries:

  • Israel.
  • Afghanistan.
  • Indian citizens.

NOTE: This also includes people who used to have a passport (Afghan, Israeli or Indian) but have changed citizenship since.

Tourists from these countries can’t get LOI quickly without booking a full tour package. These countries include the USA, Middle East, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Central Asia States, Gulf States, Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria, and Bangladesh is provided only when they purchase a tour.

So, if you’re planning to visit Pakistan, and you need an Invitation letter from a registered tour operator in Pakistan, then contact AJKTours. They will assist you fully from documents to the issuance of a Letter of invitation and also in the visa process. For further details regarding tour packages and Letter of invitation charges, you can contact them 24 hours.

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