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15 Must Visit Places in Pakistan

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Pakistan is a very beautiful place. It has many beautiful places to visit. Pakistan ranked number one in the list of best places to visit in 2020. After the visit of the Duchess of Cambridge many foreigners are planning to explore the beauty of Pakistan.

If you are a tourist or a travel lover, there will be definitely some places on your schedule this year that you would like to visit. We will recommend you to visit Pakistan. It is the most beautiful place to visit. We at Newsnblogs prominently featured majestic and historic sites of Pakistan. Our purpose is to highlight the positive aspects of Pakistan as well as providing tourist information.

In this article, we will tell you about 15 must-visit places in Pakistan. The experience of visiting these places will be unforgettable for you. Here are the 15 must-visit places in Pakistan.

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1: Naltar Valley – Gilgit Baltistan

Located two and a half hours from Gilgit, the Naltar valley is famous for its colorful lakes. Surrounded by pine forests, the valley seems to be secluded and tranquil place. Naltar Lake is a famous tourist spot in Naltar valley. The lake is also called the lake of colors.

Interesting Fact: Do you know the world’s best potatoes are also cultivated in Naltar valley.

How to reach Naltar valley: You can hire a 4×4 vehicle to visit Naltar valley from Gilgit or Hunza.

Naltar Valley - 15 Must visit Places in Pakistan
Photo Source – Syed Mehdi Bukhari

2: Shangrila resort or lake – Skardu

Leaving the Karakoram highway a little further away from Jaglot. The narrow road turns towards Skardu between steep and dry mountains. Its almost 7 hours’ drive from Gilgit to Skardu. During this sever hour drive you will be passing through, beautiful villages, mountain streams and many more beautiful things.

After passing the ancient wooden bridge over the Indus River, a road leads to the tourist’s paradise Shangrila. It is a famous tourist attraction located about 25 minutes drive from Skardu city. It’s also known as Shangrila Lake or heart Shape Lake. The highlight of the Shangrila rest hour is its restaurant, built in an aircraft structure. It is the must-visit place in the northern areas of Pakistan. It is the most beautiful place among the list of 15 must visit places in Pakistan.

Shangrila Lake Skardu - 15 Must Visit Places in Pakistan
Photo Source – Syed Mehdi Bukhari

3: Deosai

Located in the foothills of Himalayas, Deosai is the world’s tallest and the only mountainous ground of its kind. It is not less than 4000 meters high in any of its locations. Deosai remains covered with snow 8 months of the year. But surprisingly, in the summer 4 months, thousands of colorful wildflowers thrive on this slightly smooth plain of 3000 square kilometers of mountain slopes and canyons, but no tree is found anywhere.

Sheosar Lake is also a part of it. Sheosar Lake is one of the highest lakes in the world. This lake with deep blue water, snowy hills, lush grass and colorful flowers is known as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It’s the one of the majestic place in the list of 15 must visit places in Pakistan.

Deosai - 15 Must visit Places in Pakistan
Photo Source – Syed Mehdi Bukhari

4: Gojal Valley – Gilgit Baltistan

Gojal valley is a border area of Pakistan along with China and Afghanistan. Gojal border meets with the Chines border at Khunjerab Pass. Which is about 15,397 feet above sea level. It remains covered with snow year-round. In the northwest Chaporsan region of Gojal valley lies. Which borders directly with Wakhan, Afghanistan.

The Wakhan area is about 6 miles wide, after which the Tajikistan border begins. The Karakoram Highway connecting Pakistan with China also enters China at the site of Khunjrab, passing through the Gojal Valley. This valley is very beautiful. Describing its beauty in words is needless. This picture is enough to tell you about the beauty of Gojal valley.

Gojal Valley - 15 Must visit Places in Pakistan
Photo Source – Syed Mehdi Bukhari

5: Rama Meadows – Gilgit Baltistan

Rama village is located about 11KM from Astore. This Rama village is considered as one of the most beautiful villages in the north. Rama Meadows is located next to Rama village. Rama meadows is one of the most beautiful places to visit in northern Pakistan. It is the place of lush green field, cold ice milk water, lush palm trees, pine forest, snowy peak.

Rama Meadows
Photo Source – Syed Mehdi Bukhari

6: Neelum Valley – Azad Kashmir

From the capital of Azad Kashmir Muzaffarabad to Taobut, this valley is 240KM long. Neelum valley is the most beautiful place to visit. It is as beautiful as its name. Neelum valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistani Kashmir. This is the valley of beautiful rivers, lakes, forests and lush mountains. It has beautiful and high lying waterfalls and lush green meadows.

Neelum valley - It is among 15 must visit places in Pakistan
Photo Source – Syed Mehdi Bukhari

7: Paye Shogran – Kaghan Valley

Above Shogran, the vast area of lush green Paye Meadows on the Hindu Kush Mountains is a great attraction for tourists. Siri Paye often surrounded by fog and clouds. View of Paye leak surrounded by Makra and Malka Parbat peak can also be a memorable experience.

Paye Shogran
Photo Source – Syed Mehdi Bukhari

8: Ayun and Bamburet valley – Chitral

Ayun is a village in district Chital. It is located 12km south of Chitral at the confluence of the River Bamburet. the Beauty of this village cannot be describe in words of this beautiful village which is surrounded by majestic mountains.

Bamburet valley is located next to Ayun village. It is one of the three valleys of Kalash. It takes almost 2 hours to reach Bamburet from Chitral. The Kalash locals consider themselves the descendants of Alexander the Great and link themselves to Greece. The valley is a beautiful place. It is the place of peace and tranquility.

Ayun and Bamburet valley
Photo Source – Syed Mehdi Bukhari

9: White Palace – Swat

The “Marghuzar” district is the only dedicated location in Swat, about twelve kilometers from the main city of Mingora. Tourists not only visit Marghuzar due to its natural beauty and mild weather, but also visit the White Palace (1941), a historic building in the state of Swat.

When the construction of the white palace was completed in 1941, by the order of Mian Gul Abdul Wadood al-Maroof King Sahib (1881 to 1971), the founder of the modern state of Swat, the palace of Marghuzar was somehow the summer capital of the state. Even today, seven decades later, the white palace is still open. The beauty of this palace is worth seeing even after the summer as well as the winter snow.

White Palace
Photo Source – Syed Mehdi Bukhari

10: Kheer Thar – Sindh

The history of the region is so rich that it is lost in the forgetfulness of all time. Here the mountain range consisting of several peaks forms a natural border between Balochistan and Sindh, including Gorakh Hill (5700), Kateji Tomb (6877). And Bandu Ji’s tomb (7112) is prominent.

The area, which extends over 150 miles, is an ideal tourist attraction. It has beautiful rivers, lakes and historic sites. But, sadly the number of visitors in this region is very small. The locals are very eager to welcome the tourists and want to improve the face of their area.

Kheer Thar
Photo Source – Farooq Soomro

11: Mubarak Village – Karachi

Mubarak Village is the second largest fishing village in Karachi. It borders with Gadani (Balochistan). The landscape is surrounded by a unique combination of golden rocks and blue transparent water. This village is away from the noise of the city welcomes you with immense love. As you approach the shore, anchor boats appear in glass-like transparent water.

Mubarak Village
Photo Source – Shameen Khan

12: Ghanche – Skardu

A land of rich mountains, flowing blue waters, high waterfall, rich in natural and human beauty. The headquarters of Ghanche is as beautiful as its own name. The population on the banks of the River Shyok is just as simple today as it was centuries ago. Ghanche is a very adorable place to visit in Skardu.

Ghanche Skardu
Photo Source – Syed Mehdi Bukhari

13: Ranikot fort

Spread over an area of 26 kilometers, it is the largest fort in the world. But officials have failed to promote tourism here. The fort is very easy to access from Karachi and can be reached here via the national highway. After leaving Karachi, travel to Indus Highway towards Dadu.

The road is in excellent condition and it takes almost 1 hour to the hometown of GM Syed. Ranikot Fort is about 30KM from here. Even the road is bad, the distance is still 30 to 40 minutes.

Ranikot Fort
Photo Source – Farooq Soomro

14: Bahawalpur

Former Punjab state Bahawalpur owns treasures of historical buildings, monuments and gardens that you may never have heard of. It is located on the railway line of the Peshawar Karachi on the left bank of the river Sutlej, along with the desert area, lush gardens also satisfy your view while the magnificence of the palace.

Noor Mahal Bahawalpur - Best place in the list of 15 best places to visit in Pakistan
Photo Source – Usman Maskhi

15: Gorakh Hill

Snowfall in Sindh? It may sound like a myth, but it is a place in Sindh province where the snow actually falls in the winter. In 2008, all the hills here were covered with snow.

Gorakh Hill is a charming spot 5688 feet above sea level and is part of the Kheer Thar hill range which connects Sindh’s border with Baluchistan to the west.

Gorakh hill
Photo Source – Amir Riyaz Somroo