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How to Calculate the Cost Before You Hire a Moving Company

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By John Wick

We discuss how you need to make a moving cost estimate before you hire a mover in Oklahoma. The moving estimate needs to be realistic. 

One of the biggest challenges in the moving process is to prepare a moving estimate. To make it, you need to be extremely cautious and must have and knowledge about various factors involved in moving. Since you have told me that you plan to hire a moving company in Oklahoma next week, I thought of giving you a few tips on making a moving estimate. Hope this will help you move smoothly and hassle-free.

What is the present average moving cost?

As per the American Moving and Storage Association, to move a house locally would cost you on an average $2,300, while for a long-distance move; it can be approximately $4,300. We arrive at this based on 7,400 pounds as average moving weight or a 2-3 bedroom house.

Where do you plan to move to?

Your new destination is crucial in deciding the moving cost estimate. You plan to hire a mover in Oklahoma. And where is your new destination? A moving company will decide the quote based on the distance it will need to cover. The longer the distance, the more it would charge. It is unrealistic to expect a mover to give the same quote for two different distances. 

How much stuff do you need to take to the new home?

One of the significant factors in deciding the moving cost is the volume of the items. If you have more goods to be relocated, it will consume more space. Similarly, the heavier the shipment, you need a larger truck that can directly impact the moving cost.  

Normally, to carry heavy luggage, you need more laborers and the labor cost can go high considering the safety of the luggage. If you have specific items that need extra attention, the moving cost goes further high.

Moving special items and their complexity

How many special items you have at the home? Regardless of the distance and size of your move, any special handling requirements, necessary extra services, and existing obstacles will shoot up the moving expenses. Since handling special items is riskier, the moving will be costlier. For those who wonder what special items at home are:

  • Piano/guitar/violin
  • Glassware
  • Aquariums with fish
  • Books
  • Idols and statues

As the workers who handle special items will be highly trained, a moving company in Oklahoma will charge you more. However, it doesn’t matter as the safety of the items needs to be the priority.

Has moving insurance got an influence on the total moving cost?

While your assign a mover in Oklahoma the task to relocate the home, you take a risk and need to cover it A sensitive moving company takes responsibility for the belongings in case of damage or loss and under the federal law offer two different liability options – Full Value Protection and Released Value. In addition, there are options to obtain separate liability insurance from the third party, regulated by state law. 

When do you plan to move home?

A majority of Americans indeed prefer summer to relocate to the new home. This is because the weather is warm, children are not at school, and people have more free time. However, most movers in Oklahoma will charge high in summer. Instead, plan to move in the offseason when the competition is low and you will get more options to negotiate. 

How good is your negotiation skill?

Never limit to just one moving company. Instead, approach a minimum of 4 movers as this will give you a clear picture of the existing market rates which will benefit you while you negotiate. When you have more moving quotes in hand, the better you can negotiate. Also, you need to brush your bargaining skills. 

While you make the moving estimate, ensure it is realistic and budget-friendly. Once you make an estimate, stick to it. Every single penny you save can be used for future work at the new home.