How Often Should I Blog?

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By Kaleem Ullah

Want to make sure that your new blogs find a potential spot on the dedicated search engines? If so you have to assess the posting volume for your blog which can be done by considering your business and content strategy goals better 

Blogging is definitely the breathing and beating heart of the internet, without people writing about stuff and posting it online the very meaning and purpose of the internet is over. Therefore you would find tons of blogs and websites out there developed for the purpose of sharing interesting ideas and content with the people and keeping them engaged and in doing so earning handsome money from the likes of Google AdSense and many other partner programs. 

The volume of publishing posts for blogs

Surfing through the blog to blog you might have noticed that the overall intensity with which the posts are developed and posted online is different for the different blog in question. There are those that are regularly putting out posts for the reader and there are those who occasionally do so to merely remain in contact with their audience and the blogging platform from time to time     

This calls for a serious question which is how often should someone be publishing posts online on their blog? Is there a fixed number or a cardinal rule with which the blog owner should stick by or is it all random? Following is statistical data shared by many online researchers and questionnaires posted online to obtain a delicate answer to the question.

What does the latest research say? 

Orbit Media conducts thorough research almost every year asking from different bloggers out there the intensity of their publishing and what the volume of it is. About 1200 bloggers or so take part in the research and the findings are rather stunning. It was found out that most of the bloggers out there prefer to publish weekly, two posts a week and even monthly, to publish daily is an extremely rare case scenario

Before 2014 many bloggers even published posts on a daily basis but they don’t do that anymore now. Daily bloggers on the other hand are more likely to secure a nice chunk of the online traffic and see their blog grow rapidly as compared to those who are publishing weekly anywhere between two to six posts. The strong results as obtained by many bloggers are actually subjective to their own set of goals and initiatives with the whole thing. 

According to HubSpot, which is an extremely successful blog out there, going for small blog posts is the key if you are after organic traffic and want to make sure that your blog shines greatly. Going for almost four to five posts in a single week would most definitely do the trick. If you really want to kick start your blogging journey and to ensure that you have some success in the long run it is important to opt for small create a blog posts about 4 to 5 in a week and longer blog posts about 3 to 4 in a single week, it will ensure the continuity and the consistency of your blog in the long run. 

Don’t forget your own blogging goals and agendas

This is merely research and the end statistics that originate from that. Your blogging frequency should be based on your own unique business goals and content strategies. Try to take these things into account or otherwise you won’t be able to find a potential rhythm with blogging at all and that is where things might get a little out of hand. 

If you are a blog that is only recent and is trying to improve your overall search engine visibility score and getting more intense traffic then it is recommended that you do the posting more often and might possibly see a massive boost in your overall blogging scenario and search engine results.