How Does UK Lifetime Allowance Work?

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Are you interested in knowing how the lifetime allowance works? Do you want to know more about the calculation process? It may seem like a difficult thing to understand when it comes to pension as there are different forms and categories to it.

However, one thing that is similar in all types of pensions is the opportunity to earn long after you have retired. In this article, we will be looking at how the UK lifetime allowance system works and what you need to be aware of.

How does it work?

For those of you who are not aware of the term lifetime allowance, it is simply the maximum amount of funds you can have on your pension before you begin to receive tax on it. It is worth keeping in mind that the lifetime allowance charge will only and solely be applied to your excess benefits and not on your annual pension allowance. The overall allowance is measured on a broad scale of having included defined benefits ( final or career average ) and any savings that you may have, excluding the state pension.

How is it calculated?

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the lifetime allowance system is how it works to provide a fair and justice pension system to all individuals. Some factors that are worth mentioning that causes a fluctuation in the value of your lifetime allowance are job field, experience, age and salary.

The overall lifetime allowance takes into consideration the defined benefit or DB for short, final salary schemes, the amount you hold in defined contribution, as well as any personal and stakeholder pension that you may have. By reviewing all these categories, the system will develop an average to best suit your financial situation.

Exceeding limits

If, for some reason, you have exceeded the limits to taking your lifetime allowance limit, then bear in mind that you will end up having to deal with consequences. If you have exceeded the limit, your pension advisor will reach out to you and will ask you to pay the tax, which in this case is known as the lifetime allowance charge. Remember that the tax itself is not too much, but it will be deducted from your pension.

Protecting pension

In certain cases, you are allowed to protect your pension if you are the right candidate for the guidelines that the government of the UK regulates. If your pension is worth more than one million pounds and you have not exceeded limits on taking the allowance, then you may be eligible for allowance protection.


So hopefully, now you have a better understanding of the UK pension allowance system and can conclude the benefits it provides to your life after you reach retirement age.