5 Apps To Download this Year That Are Completely Secure To Use

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By Kaleem Ullah

Do you know how sometimes, it feels like the universe has your back? Like everything is about to crumble, but it falls in place all of a sudden.

This is exactly what apps also do in your life.

The key is to install the right apps and use ‘em the right way!

According to Statista, there will be a projected 7.49 billion mobile users worldwide by 2025. The forum also reports that mobile apps are expected to generate more than $935 billion in revenue by 2023.

Given the soaring figures, it is essential to have all the proper digital arsenal on your phones. Scan the following list for the X apps that are entirely secure and useful this year:

  • Facebook

Do you know how some apps are here to stay? Facebook is in that league.

It is the most extensive social network on the planet, which allows you to keep up with your friends and family. It was Facebook that redefined the instant chatting system in the digital world.

Access to this app is free-of-cost, and the company earns most of its money from ads on the portal. 

This is one of the vital apps on everyone’s phone nowadays. And its popularity speaks aloud of its security structure. Other websites have also worked to integrate it into their pages. 

Creating a Facebook account is free, and it just takes a few minutes of your time. The app offers privacy tools to help you limit who can see the things you share. It is devised to be more social and open than the traditional communication tools.

Given today’s changing dynamics, it is essential to have Facebook on your phone. Pair it with Messenger for an ultimate double power action.

  • Netflix

Netflix is a video-streaming service with a vast collection of movies and TV shows for the users. Some of its handy features and latest updates have made it one of a kind. 

The security architecture of Netflix provides several perks to the users:

  • All playback devices are associated with an account, and Netflix can prevent the abusive user from sharing their credentials with others. 
  • The encryption of the video files ensures that only players with knowledge of the key and decryption algorithm can view them.
  • If one decryption key is compromised, the security threat is minor because the keys are individualized and only used by one player.
  • All authentication and authorization checks are performed before playback begins. The streaming of the video files is easily delegated to CDNs gaining an increasing bandwidth without compromising the security.

The well-structured security of Netflix combined with its massive library of TV shows and movies makes it one of the must-have entertainment apps.

  • Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a listening and sharing platform for uploading streaming audio files on the web.

It is the world’s largest open audio platform powered by a connected community of listeners, curators, and creators on the pulse of what is new and next in the culture.

The platform empowers the world’s audio creators with the best services, resources, and tools. 

You can explore your favorite genres and discover the hidden jewels. Listening on this platform is free with the pro version of Soundcloud for the artists themselves. It isn’t only the music that you find here. Instead, you can find plenty of podcasts and religious hearings to listen to on the go.

The best aspect of Soundcloud is the inspiration it gives to the users. The users can also start a dialogue with like-minded audiophiles.

When it comes to security, the app recommends its users be highly vigilant. They advise people to stay aware of phishing attempts and never reveal any confidential information to other suspected community members.

The security algorithm of Soundcloud resembles that applied in the AirG Scam-free applications.

  • The Wall Street Journal

The current volatile economic environment requires you to stay up-to-date about the ongoings of the economy and financial news. The Wall Street Journal App puts all this information in your pocket. Along with this, it has award-winning journalism that has been printed there since 1889.

It includes world-renowned coverage of the latest news about stock markets and the business world. The app is easy-to-use and offers trusted insights that you need to see.

You can also receive notifications and alerts with breaking news and global developments. It also gives you real-time quotes and expert Wall Street journalist insights to make informed financial decisions.

The Wall Street Journal is America’s most trusted newspaper. It is the authenticity of this platform that guarantees a well-stacked app with zero glitches or scams.

  • Fox Sports

Sports are indispensable parts of life for some. 

If you are a field junkie, you must install an app like Fox Sports on your phone. The app is made for modern sports fans.

You can follow your favorite leagues and teams and stay updated with the latest news. Some notable features of this app include:

  • Live TV – Every Fox Sports game and show is available to watch.
  • Stories – You can swipe into the essential topics of the day and analyze the most critical voices from the sports world.
  • Scores – There are easy-to-navigate scores pages for you to watch the winners.
  • Bonus Cams – You can select the games and events that include patent-pending Bonus Cams. You can watch a live telecast while choosing between the secondary feeds with various camera angles and perspectives.

The app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software that measures your viewing for market research purposes. You can check out Neilsen’s for further privacy information.

Parting Notes

Mobile apps are easing up the challenges we face in our work and personal lives. You may get several recommendations about which apps will make your life a breeze. However, it is essential to understand the security structure of each application.

Having robust and secure apps on your phone is integral to ensuring a safe dive in the digital waters. The list above provides insight into some entirely secure apps available nowadays.

Of course, for every app you choose to install, it is essential to conduct a background check. Let us know if you find something more valuable and worth on this list!