How do I Complaint to Target Corporate Headquarters

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Target Inc. is a large and popular retail chain, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. The company is one of the largest retail chains in the US. They have a good presence all over the country and have a large customer base. Their retail store offers various products such as household essentials, groceries, shoes, baby products, furniture, kitchen products, and much more. You can shop online and offline for each and every product category. They are good at offering customer services.

Do you have any bad experiences at any of the Target stores? OR Do you have any bad experiences with online purchases? If yes, please check out the article ahead.

Get in touch with customer support first

It is the common way to solve your query at any of the company. Please try to make your case with the store officials/store manager to get a resolution. Please try to explain your concern to them and be patient. No one wants to lose any customer with good purchases.

If your concern is related to an online purchase, please dial 1.800.440.0680 to talk with the customer support team. Please try to explain your case step by step. If possible, please keep your purchase receipt handy to give to the support team. Please do not expect urgent or quick resolution as they will also hear from another side of the story too. The resolution will be different case by case.

Send your concern through an email

The customers can also send their concerns through email. Please try to include your scan copy of the purchase receipt. In this email, you should explain your concern in a very brief manner. Please wait for a few days and give a gentle reminder if they didn’t get back to you.

Write a letter to Target headquarters

Not satisfied with customer support experience? Please get in touch with the company’s corporate headquarters. A letter should be simple, easy to understand, and brief. You can attach your purchase receipt to make a solid case. Please get a full headquarters contact of Target from this website.

Send your concern to CEO through email

It should be your last step to get a resolution from the company. Target Inc. CEO is the final authority in the company’s business and operations. Please explain that you have already tried to get a satisfactory answer from the customer support team. Please do not create a long email with useless information or rant.

Please note down the email address of CEO,

So, best of luck!