Catching a kite in dream: What does it mean when you catch a kite in dream?

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Dreaming of the kite is one of the common dreams among the people. In several countries, a kite is a popular way to celebrate festivals and popular among children. In the past, the kites were used in wars and conflicts. According to the beliefs in Thailand, a kite sends a message to god.

In your dream, if you see a kite, this is a great thing. However, if something happens to the kite, it is a bad omen. If your kite is broken, that means you might be ignored by the most important persons in your life. So, let’s understand the meaning of the more exact dream of catching a kite.

What is the general meaning of the kite in a dream?

A kite in the dream suggests your condition in waking life. A kite flying high in the sky suggests good condition and progress. If something happens to your kite, something bad is going on in your life. So, be careful and interpret what you have seen in your dream.

A kite dream meaning varies from person to person and how the person reacts to it.

What does it mean when you catch a kite in a dream?

Actually, this is a good sign in your waking life. Did you catch any kite in your dream? Then it suggests that you will encounter a new start in life. The dream can also represent catching love. However, this is totally depending on your waking life and what’s going on can give you a clear picture of the dream.

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What is the spiritual meaning of catching kites?

The kites are a very old traditional method to enjoy the festival and get positive energy. The kites are represented as your goal in life.

If you felt positive and energized in the dream, this is a positive sign, especially in the catching kites. This dream is a good omen to get something new in life.

If your kite crashes on the ground, this is a negative sign and you should be aware of the situation in your waking life.