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How an odor removal company is helpful

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Commercial property is home to many people. Several people spend the majority of their awake time in the workplace premises. For an owner, ensuring the maintenance of the commercial property is a priority. However, due to unforeseen reasons, the property might not feel and smell the healthiest.

Keeping a property clean and dust-free isn’t the guarantee of a hygienic and safe surrounding. Odors can signal if there is damage hiding in plain sight. It is crucial to get professional help from an odor removal company to eliminate any health risk from ignored treatment.

Causes Of Odor

When an unpleasant odor is detected, the first thing one should do is to make sure it isn’t harmful or dangerous to nearby living things. While taking the necessary actions to deodorize the place, it is critical to identify and resolve the source of the stench.

In workplaces, strange odors are not uncommon. And, in many cases, the employees are oblivious to the source of the foul odor. The smell is sometimes a result of the nature of work. The proliferation of harmful microbes could also be to blame. The most typical causes of foul scents in commercial properties are as follows.

1: Mold

If a musty odor is detected inside the workplace, mold development is most likely taking place in hidden places. If the residents have been facing health issues, the black mold may be causing those health problems. But, If there is a musty or earthy stench, the following best action is to contact an odor removal company. The professional companies are trained and well equipped to remove foul smells and mold treatments for complete eradication.

2: Sewage leaks

Another common source of foul odors in the property is a sewage system leak. If the pipes dry out, nasty sewer fumes could seep into the office. This usually occurs when water is not allowed to run through the drains for an extended period. This is not just unpleasant to bear but has potential health hazards. The sewage leaks are known to cause severe health illnesses through contamination and need immediate remediation.

3: Dirty air ducts

The air circulation system is the source of fresh air in the workplace. However, dirt, trash, worms, bacteria, microorganisms, and other contaminants from the air accumulate in the air ducts over time. They infiltrate the property and emit a foul odor. It’s the same air that the employees in the workplace inhale. It is critical to clean the air ducts regularly to maintain the atmosphere within the place clean and healthy. For improved efficiency, using the services of a reputable specialist is highly advised.

4: Water or fire damage

There is a high possibility that foul scents are the result of recent water damage to the property. A failure to do the appropriate water damage restoration procedures aggravated the situation. Water that seeps into the property’s concealed nooks results in the proliferation of germs.

Apart from water, fire is another strong contender of odor causes. The aftermath of fire includes a strong odor that seeped into the property and can be tormenting to get rid of. The only way out is to seek professional solutions.

These causes are a strict reminder of the immediate need to seek professional treatments for odor removal. An odor is simply a sign of a problem rather than the problem itself. Hence, ignoring or delaying the proper remediation can have severe implications for the owner’s finances and the health of the workers.

Professional Approach to Odor Removal

It is a common misconception that odor removal is uncomplicated and straightforward that requires little experience or skill. In reality, odor removal is not an easy technique. In many high-risk vital businesses, eliminating unpleasant odors can be just as challenging as sterilizing. A considerable experience combining technical know-how with appropriate technology is frequently required to remove numerous difficult odors successfully.

In a business, odor cleanup usually entails the use of strong chemicals and gases. Construction materials and porous substances that were not designed to withstand the impacts of numerous decontamination technologies are frequently found in this environment. Furthermore, commercial odor cleanup is commonly carried out in less-than-ideal air conditions, exacerbated by the presence of organic waste, cellulose materials, and other absorbents, all of which obstruct the odor elimination process. Hence, using unique chemical treatments is a must.

Chlorine Dioxide Treatment

Chlorine dioxide is the chemical choice that is least affected by obstructive substances. For challenging odor remediation operations, an odor removal company may use chlorine dioxide products. The chlorine dioxide products are non-carcinogenic and pH neutral, making them a safer option for commercial applications. There are no hazardous residues produced or left behind.


  • High performance under challenging situations
  • For strong scents, the strength can be regulated.
  • It’s simple to scale up to handle enormous tasks.
  • pH neutral, non-carcinogenic, and leaves no residue
  • Organically approved products that have been registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment

In lower-level odor remediation initiatives, the companies may use various hydrogen peroxide products and delivery systems. Hydrogen peroxide is also non-carcinogenic to people and has earned a well-deserved reputation as a versatile odor treatment option.

With minor compatibility difficulties, hydrogen peroxide solutions may be used on both hard and soft porous surfaces. There are no hazardous chemical residues produced or left behind.


  • In cleaner settings, high performance
  • Fit for small to medium-sized regions
  • pH neutral, non-carcinogenic, and leaves no residue
  • EPA-approved goods


The prime benefit of employing professional companies for odor removal is that it saves time and effort. This is especially required by businesses operating risky tasks. Additionally, by hiring expert specialists, the life of the property is extended and keeps it fresh for longer. Various reasons cause odor to build up and settle in any property. Unique treatments are required to eradicate not just the odor but the root cause as well. This ensures the foul smell, and its cause does not build up again. Finally, professional cleaning services may help in maintaining a healthy indoor atmosphere.