Hopefully others will learn lesson from Nasir Jamshed’s Sentence

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Hopefully, others will learn a lesson from Nasir Jamshed’s Sentence Says Nasir’s Wife

Samra Afzal wife of Pakistani cricketer Nasir Jamshed said that today is the most difficult day of my life as his husband got a sentence on a spot-fixing case by a British court today. Samra reacting to the British court’s verdict says that others will learn a lesson from Nasir’s mistake. She says that no one can feel the trouble that we have been facing for the last three years.

It should be noted that the UK court has sentenced former Pakistani cricketer Nasir Jamshed and to his mates Yusuf Anwar and Muhammad Ejaz in case of spot-fixing. Manchester’s court gave a sentence to 17 months to Nasir Jamshed and 3.3 years to Yousaf Anwer and 2.5 years to Muhammad Ejaz. The three culprits were arrested and sent to jail in a police van after the court’s decision.