Four Children Killed By Drunken Driver in Sydney Crash

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Four Children Killed By Drunken Driver in Sydney Crash

A drunk driver in Sydney overturned a pickup truck on a pedestrian on the sidewalk, killing four children.

According to police, the driver has been arrested on charges of negligence, negligence, massacre, and drunkenness following the accident. Police said the children killed in the accident included 2 children, his brother, and a cousin, while three children were also injured and taken to hospital. Sources said the death toll was between 8 and 12 years, while the child was 13 years old.

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The father of three siblings killed in the accident, Danial Abdullah is saddened. On the occasion, he said that he had lost three of his children, his cousin also lost his daughter. I feel like I’m losing my senses after the incident,” said Danial Abdullah. After digging up my valuable asset, I just want to appeal to other drivers to drive carefully,” he said.