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Fishermans in Karachi Caught 2 Fishes worth of 40 Lac

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Fishermans in Karachi Caught 2 Fishes worth of 40 Lac

According to media reports, the fate of Ibrahim Haidri opened in the Karachi area, the most expensive “Sawa” fish got caught in the fishing net while fishing in the sea, that is worth of 40lac. There are also two numbers “Sawa” fish, which are estimated to cost more than Rs 2million per fish.

As seen in the video released by Coastal Media Center Ibrahim Haidari, fishermen are buzzing about happiness over aquatic life.
It should be noted that the fish, other than the native language, has a bouncy membrane in its body to swim on the water. This membrane is known by local fishermen.

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“The reason for fish being expensive is that the stitches are made from the membranes of the adult breast, and these threads are used in the body’s internal surgery,” Suleiman Abdullah, an environmentalist, and farmer promoting the plant told media. This is because the fibers formed from the inner membrane of the fish are naturally biodegradable and disappear within the body after a short time.

Suleiman Abdullah said that if these fish die in the sea, the surface will float on you. Ten years ago, a fish was found by a child who was bought by a local businessman for Rs 5,000 immediately. Sawa fish is called “Ker” in Balochistan and for its medical use, one fish is sold for millions. The value of a fish caught in Karachi has been estimated at Rs 20 lakh.