Family Heirloom: Best Christmas Gifts In 2020

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As Christmas day is almost on the countdown, you must be feverishly checking on the gift ideas for your loved ones if you did not finish your gift list yet. The year 2020 has to be the most challenging, and you don’t want to get a generic present. Right? Scouting for some monumental gift or magnificent and sentimental offerings like heirloom jewelry can be outstanding and rewarding for the tough year.

Think out of the box, and try customized jewelry. A gift they will cherish forever. And due to the pandemic that has engulfed the whole world, most people will refrain from traveling. They would rather stay indoors with their loved ones. Families will embrace this season together.

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Check the below heirloom presents dear one will forever cherish:

Recipe box

Every family has a secret recipe book considered unique. If you had master chefs running from the past generations, they must have passed the book they probably made. Every new couple that joins or graduates as a mature adult should get one of these as a Christmas gift or wedding gift. The season calls for fetes and celebration, and it’s an ideal time to share the meal cooked with a secret recipe.

Pearls are timeless

When you check on most women’s jewelry collection, it’s rare to miss a pearl necklace. This piece of jewelry was there since 420 BC, and it has stood the test of time. It is quite intriguing that even after many centuries when your great-grandma was accessorizing with these classic accessories, they are still trending.

Pearls make unique heirloom jewelry, suitable for every generation. These are meaningful gifts for a young child, teenager, or soon-to-be bridegroom. They are the most deserving gift for Christmas.

Fine China

If your grandma left you some lovely china that you have been saving for your future generation, Christmas time is a great season to offer it to your son or daughter. Share about their beauty and how they have passed through various generations, each taking some extra care required. Another common time to give these is weddings, although the millennial brides are shunning away from tradition.

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When you think of a long life, you will consider materials like crystals that will never look outdated after centuries to come. These should also be practical gifts such as a platter, a punch bowl, or pitcher. Adding a gold monogram can be gorgeous and thoughtful.

Grandpas bag

If you are a grandpa or dad and scouting on what to give your grandson or son, maybe one of the most cherished gifts is staring at you. Rather than buying a cheap quality sling bag, what about unleashing the vintage bag that has some sentimental value?


Wearing a valuable timepiece is a status symbol that will never cease to be trendy. The millennials might substitute a wristwatch with their smartphones, but the older generation knows better. If your grandpa or past generation was a watch collector, he might have had some of the big brands in the likes of Rolex, Omega, and Breguet. These meticulously crafted watches are prestigious and make a staple heirloom jewelry accessory. They make an impressive Christmas gift for a bridegroom or a mature person.

Special medals

If there was a hero in your family, you must have seen some medals that are well-protected, and they have a story to tell. Most of these come with valuable materials like precious metals. You can use them to encourage a good deed until that time comes to pass it to the family’s most deserving person. One of the best times to do this is during a Christmas holiday. As the whole family shares great moments, please take advantage of gifting your medal as you share its story. Remember to include details like why they deserve this honorable gift as you present it to the new recipient.

Engagement ring

After Valentine. Christmas is one of the romantic times that many couples get hitched. And as the year comes to an end, people start drafting what they want to achieve at the beginning of the new year. Marriage proposal tops on that list. With that in mind, it’s the most beautiful time to propose while surrounded by your family members. What will make the proposal more sentimental is using a family heirloom ring that has passed through generations.

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And since there will be other couples who will come after you, the ring placed under your care needs special protection for the sake of future generations. If the jewelry has no cover, you need to do that ASAP. Find an experienced and certified jeweler to provide you with a jewelry appraisal for insurance. Most insurance providers will request this document from a reputable appraiser, and they might dictate how it should appear.


One of the centerpieces for the holiday tablescape is a precious metal candle holder, silver or gold. These make a lovely family heirloom, and if well-maintained, your future generation can use them. If they are silver, they require regular polishing or gentle wiping for the gold medal.

In Conclusion, the beauty of selecting heirloom gifts, it’s because they are personal, meaningful, and timeless. They don’t have to be trendy. Please consider some valuable pieces of metal and precious stones as an investment as they appreciate after years. And because of their value, a jewelry appraisal for insurance will be a prudent thing to do.

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