Explore Smart Tactics to Gain More Followers on Instagram in 2021

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By John Wick

With more than 1 billion active monthly users worldwide, Instagram has today become the must-use social media platform for businesses for connecting with their customers. Instagram has fast outgrown its initial impression and reputation as a fun image-focused app for youngsters and has now become an effective networking, content marketing, audience building, and selling tool for brands and individuals. As per some marketing pundits, boosting your follower count on Instagram is supposed to be the Holy Grail.

People seem to be discussing constantly various ways of boosting followers, shares, likes, comments, and gaining more customer engagement. We know that some smart tricks can be used for maximizing your follower count while attracting exclusively your ideal target audience, making sure that you are curating a very much engaged following fascinated by your content. Here are some Instagram hacks for boosting your follower count and engagement.

Use Your Bio

When you get started initially on Instagram, it is essential to set up a business account with a perfect bio that entices your precise target audience. You need to ensure that the bio link has been used correctly. Since Instagram only allows a single clickable link in the bio, remember the bio link is precious real estate. You may wish to directly send your Instagram visitors to the homepage of your website, however, you would be losing opportunities to accumulate valuable information and create relatively longer-lasting relationships.

You may focus your attention on building a landing page that demonstrates an enticing offer exclusively for all your Instagram followers. It could be a free video or e-book or maybe a chance to subscribe to newsletters. You may even offer a special discount of 10 percent off the best-selling product on your inventory.

Create a Trending & a Branded Hashtag

Instagram has announced that users can follow specific hashtags. Keeping this update in mind, brands must focus on developing a trending hashtag for encouraging users to consider engaging with it. Remember it is a good idea to have a branded hashtag for boosting brand reach.

A branded or a dedicated, custom hashtag helps you in creating an assortment of your top content. In case a potential follower can find you through a highly-targeted tag, he will most definitely follow you once he browses through your collection of top posts. You may even create a branded or dedicated tag for your marketing campaigns individually.

It seems to be a better move as far less promotional, as compared to utilizing something specific to your organization like the company name. In this context, you must know that campaign hashtags are utilized by followers. Then they may grab the attention of all their connections. These contacts may, in turn, start following you provided they have similar interests.

Some experts feel that you should buy Instagram followers for an instant boost to your follower count on your Instagram posts. People buy followers on Instagram for different reasons. For businesses, buying followers could help in enhancing their brand visibility and open up brand new markets. Moreover, for celebrities on Instagram, this could be an easier way of getting more popular and gaining traction by the day. We know that individuals are often attracted to the idea of buying instant Instagram followers just to enjoy social media recognition and fame.

Consider Experimenting With Content Formats

As per, Instagram is regarded as the star child or child prodigy of the existing social media circuit. It is gaining traction by the day and enjoys phenomenal popularity. The introduction of Instagram Stories and IGTV has all added to the multi-dimensional facet of Instagram as a powerful and versatile social media platform. For getting the maximum out of this versatile and powerhouse platform, you must focus your complete attention on your content.

Social media marketers boast of a host of content types for you to choose from while posting on Instagram. It may include video, pictures, and a carousel. Marketers may experiment with these diverse types. We understand that varied formats could prove to be helpful in better engaging your existing Instagram followers, as that is crucial for Instagrammers, who are focusing on organically reaching new followers via prominently and strategically placed content.

Focus on Using Instagram Tools for Boosting Followers and Engagement

Several exciting cutting-edge technologies have been introduced in the market that is designed to effectively empower marketers and influencers on social media especially Instagram for boosting engagement and follower count on the platform. Here are some effective tools for taking the maximum advantage of Instagram.

  • ViralUpgrade: You could boost Instagram audience engagement and overall brand reach by using ViralUpgrade. It will automatically reach out to users via likes, follows, and comments. Over time, this outreach will culminate in Instagrammers following your account.
  • SocialDrift: It allows brands to seamlessly build an impressive Instagram following through reliance on machine-learning algorithms for automatically engaging members of your target audience through follows, likes, and even comments.
  • ViralRace: Utilizing instant, real, and automatic Instagram likes ViralRace is the top engagement marketplace just right for businesses, as well as, influencers thinking of achieving social proof for attracting brand deals and reaching the discover page quickly.

Instagram tools can be instrumental in dramatically boosting follower count over a short period.

Broaden Your Reach Using Instagram Ads

Billions of dollars seem to be spent every year on Instagram ads, and those numbers would be going up. Brands and businesses both, big and small, have realized the true worth of Instagram ads. They have understood for good that Instagram ads are great for providing the golden opportunity for gaining access to precise groups of users on Instagram. For businesses that are interested in boosting the follower count on Instagram quickly, ads could be a great option.


Always keep in mind, if you are not having numerous followers on Instagram, you will be losing many good opportunities for boosting your business. Through diverse online resources, tips, and techniques, your Instagram profile will be getting far more exposure. Before you consider buying Instagram followers, remember to do ample research for identifying the best available resources. Moreover, keep generating organic followers simultaneously. To the extent possible, try to steer clear of bot-generated followers because they are not effective in engaging potential customers.