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Choosing the Best Outdoor Furniture Cover – A Handy Guide for Buyers

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By Kaleem Ullah

Whether to keep it covered or not? This is one classic question that lingers around everyone’s mind while thinking of protecting outdoor furniture. People do have a practice of installing outdoor furniture in their backyard, poolside, patio, garden lawns, and many other places. Comparing to indoor furniture, outdoor furniture is made with more solid and sturdy materials to last for a long. However, as these are continuously exposed to many harmful elements, outdoor furniture may need an additional layer of protection in order to ensure a longer life and better function.

So, the answer is yes if someone asks whether it is necessary to protect the outdoor furniture by installing a cover. Once you are sure about the need for an outdoor furniture cover, the next step is to get the most appropriate cover to ensure optimum protection for your valuable furniture. There are various types of outdoor furniture made of different materials. Some made of steel or aluminum, whereas some other classic furniture units made of wood and plastic etc.

So, while choosing a cover, you need to consider what type of furniture you have to protect and what level of protection is needed for each. For this, you may do fundamental research on the internet by going through different expert blogs or manufacturer suggestions to understand proper protection guidelines for your type of furniture.

Get a proper cover material

 Once you are sure about your furniture’s protective needs, next you have to choose a cover made of an appropriate material. Different materials are used to make furniture protection covers as plastic PVC, cotton, canvas, polyethylene, vinyl, and so on. The features of each of the materials vary as well as the price and functionality. For example, canvas material or cotton furniture covers are very cheap, but these may not be fully waterproof. Vinyl material is waterproof and weatherproof but can be pricier than the other options.

Choice of color

Most of the time, you may want to leave your furniture cover fitted onto the furniture all the time. In this case, it is essential to consider the color and style of your furniture cover too in order to match it with the surroundings. Be it indoor or outdoor; a good furniture cover should go along well with the overall space decor. Surprisingly, hundreds of varieties of colors and styles of furniture covers are available online, which you can choose from.

Finally, you need to consider the size of the furniture cover too. In order to ensure that you are getting the best-fitting cover, you need to have appropriate measurements of your furniture. Be it a recliner chair install at your poolside or a cozy couch on your patio; you need to take proper measurements as its length, height, width, etc., in order to decide the appropriate size cover.

Most of the time, when you are searching online; you will be coming across the readymade type of covers in standard sizes. Only with the proper measurements in hand will you be able to get the right piece of cover that is fitting well into your unit.

By considering all these factors; you can be quite sure of getting the most appropriate and best fitting cover for your outdoor furniture; keeping your furniture in good shape and function for a long.