Experimentation of new features launched in Google’s search engine

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Experimentation of new features launched in Google’s search engine


Google, a leading American company, has begun testing new features in its search engine to ensure the latest in customer service. According to the company, Google is adding the ‘Track Package’ feature to its search engine. This will be a feature that covers a number of online shopping companies. The purpose of adding these companies is that users will now be able to get online package checking through Google search engine and users will be able to track their package through Google.


This feature will be integrated with Google Search, which means there will now be an option below the search bar that will be used to find the specific details of ‘package tracking’.

Experimentation of new features launched in Google's search engine

Customers must first enter the company name in this section after which Google will provide the package information. For example, if you have purchased a product from Amazon and you want to know the details of this order, you will need to type ‘Amazon Package Tracking’ in the ‘Package Tracking’ section on the search engine after which Google will track you. Ask for a number, after entering the tracking number, Google will provide you with information about your package.


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This information will include the product details along with the expected delivery date for your order. The leading company will partner with various e-commerce companies to offer this experience to Google users.