Everything you need to know about dual energy deals

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Dual energy tariffs are usually the most affordable way you can get your energy supply. But there are many people out there who don’t fully understand this dual energy deal. Simply put, a dual energy tariff refers to the service that ensures that you get both electricity and gas from the same energy supplier. 

In most cases, many people tend to buy electricity and gas from two different energy suppliers. A dual energy tariff can help you save a lot of money on the electricity and gas bills. This article discusses everything you need to know about dual energy deals.

The reasons why a dual energy tariff is worth considering

There are many benefits that a dual energy tariff can give you. Because you can get gas and electricity from one energy supplier, it means the entire process can be simpler for you and the energy supplier.

You can find several energy suppliers at Utility Bidder that may give you discounts when you decide to buy both gas and electricity from them. This is important for energy suppliers because it gives them assurance that you will be purchasing from them over time. Therefore, both your business and energy supplier can be paying cheap prices for the electricity and gas supply.

Accessing electricity and gas from a single energy supplier can also mean that it may be easier to control and manage your energy account. This is because you can check the bills that come from a single energy supplier. The good thing is that there are many electricity and gas suppliers that usually send combined bills showing you both figures so that it can be easier for you to read them. 

Switching to dual energy

The good news is that it can be quite easy to switch to dual energy. The best way is to do an energy comparison that some websites offer. Some of these sites provide free price comparison services that can give you all the information on the available best deals. You just need to give them some information like your energy use to do the energy comparison.

Remember that there is no difference between doing a normal energy comparison and a dual fuel comparison. You need to give them all the required information to get electricity and gas plans that are available on the market.

When you decide to switch an energy supplier with dual energy tariffs, then you should use the energy brokers to do it on your behalf. The switching process is usually simple and there is no paperwork that you need to handle. The energy broker can even get in touch with your current energy supplier, meaning you don’t have to do it yourself. Keep in mind that there can be no disruption in the energy supply while doing the switching process. 

Above all, dual energy usually means that you can spend less cash on the energy supply. Therefore, you can save a lot of money by opting for gas and electricity from a single energy supplier.