Do you know which digital artwork will be famous in 2021?

Before delving deep into digital art, it’s significant that you know what digital art means. With every passing year, you will see different digital skills appearing before you. You will have to thank technology for this development year after year. With distinct categories of digital art appearing before you, you will be perplexed by the varieties. When you get to know the most popular ones among them, it will be possible for you to use them as a viable means of income. Hence, experts are here to provide you with guidelines that will make it easier to experiment with digital art. Every digital art has a purpose and definition. If you want to use them to your advantage, you will have to understand what goes with the consumers. If you are naive to this genre, you will have to devote your time and effort to decipher the detail of digital art.

Categories of digital art that are making a mark in the industry

Of all the categories, algorithmic art is the most common one. Fractal art includes mathematical equations. Hence, it is a procedure of deriving art with the use of mathematics. You will see a new form of beauty within this form of art which is a part of digital art and computer art. However, this art form is not something new. It is a pure form of art that was generated in ancient times. Modernity has changed digital art with the application of technology. It is an amalgamation of computer art and generative art leading to abstract art, and it might require software to support the calculations. When trying to understand how to sell digital art, remember that mathematics helps calculate these structures for producing fractal images, art, and videos. You would need a specific skill set for processing this art with an aptitude for software data and digital mathematics. The use of high-quality computers and the knack for mathematics are required to produce desired images. The art includes iterative methods for solving polynomial and nonlinear equations, part of fractal structure. Hence, what you get before you are attractive visuals and images.

Data moshing is creating grounds

Now, let’s come to the second category of digital art, which is data moshing. Here, media files get manipulated for producing desired visual effect or image by decoding the file. You will have to use translated files that allow the entry of snippets coming from different media files while editing the existing one. Moreover, the process is typical in the case of videos rather than pictures. It is because a decoded video file has more scope of manipulation. These days you would find video files coming with complex methods which do not cross storage space. Hence, you do not have to download the whole image; instead, only snippets help you produce the video. Different frames store the picture and are known as I-frames when you do not require additional data or information to represent the media file. There are varied frames for storing parts of the image and are known as B-frames and P-frames. The videos you see on television and other media have elements of this process because they have an attractive visual capacity and aesthetic appeal.

Dynamic painting

Of all the digital art, the most advanced and modern one is dynamic painting. Traditionally, the artwork was created by individuals by their hands. However, the industrial revolution and modernity gave rise to technology and the use of modern methods. 

Hence, now the horizon expanded. It relies heavily on mental labor rather than physical labor. Therefore, specialized skills are necessary for operating these machines that produce a dynamic painting. It is the most viable form of digital art where you would see pictures or art painted by autonomous systems known as computers. Hence, you do not require much physical labor; relatively, mental labor is a must.

If you want to make money through digital art, you will have to develop your technical skills


You have to work on your skill set so that your work has authenticity, attractiveness and turns out to be a masterpiece. Art of any kind now relies on the advent of technology. Hence, the use of high-quality computer systems has become the backbone of this industry. From 2D models to 2D computer graphics, you require these for producing high-quality digital images. You will have to transform traditional art forms into digital ones to project your creativity in the entertainment and media industry. Remember that the nature of digital art relies entirely on images and videos. 

Hence, if you are working on aesthetic ventures, games, movies, or pictures, you must know the specific software used for this process. It will help you in coming up with attractive artwork. You can then grab consumer attention by uploading unique art. New art sells like magic.


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