Death toll reached 5839 by Coronavirus

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The ability to spread the most deadly virus COVID 19 has shaken the world’s major powers.  The Coronavirus death toll has risen to 5,839. Due to Coronavirus implementing health emergency in many countries around the world.

According to the details coronavirus that came from China’s city Wuhan has spread worldwide rapidly. It has killed more 410 people around the world, and the total death has risen to 5839. The total coronavirus cases around the world have reached 156,846. On the other hand coronavirus, infected patients are recovering very fast. Almost 75,937 persons around the world are now fully recovered.

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After controlling COVID-19 in china. It has now started spreading outside China rapidly. The deadly coronavirus has been spread to almost 153 countries. After China, Italy and Europe are other countries where this deadly virus is spreading very fast. In China deaths due to coronavirus have now reduced, with 10 more deaths in china the death toll has risen to 3199 in china. Total coronavirus infected persons in china are almost 80849.


A total of 1441 has been killed with COVID-19 in Italy. 175 deaths were reported in only one day and the total infected persons have risen to 21157 in Italy.


In the third position, the most infected country is Iran where 97 deaths reported in one day. The death toll due to coronavirus has risen to 611 in Iran. COVID-19 infected persons have risen to 6391 in Iran.


In France, 91 persons have been died by a coronavirus and total infected persons have risen to 4469.

South Korea:

With deaths of 8 more in South Korea, the total toll has passed 75, while 8162 are infected with COVID-19.


One more death has been reported in Germany with that total death with COVID-19 has reached 9 and infected persons are almost 4599.


Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the USA. The death toll is increasing in the USA with COVID-19. A total of 60 deaths has been reported in the USA and the total infected person in the USA is almost 3041.


2 more deaths have been reported in Switzerland and the death toll has risen to 13 and almost 1375 are infected in Switzerland.


10 more deaths have been reported in the UK and total deaths with COVID-19 have reached 21 in the UK and 1140 are infected with Coronavirus.


The COVID-19 is spreading in Pakistan also. Today 13 more new cases have been reported in the Sindh province of Pakistan. One case also reported in Lahore. Total coronavirus cases in Pakistan are almost 31 and all infected persons came from abroad countries. One woman who came from the USA is the victim of Coronavirus and she is admitted to PIMS hospital Islamabad and her condition is very critical.

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19 more coronavirus cases have been reported in India and total coronavirus cases have risen to 107 in India. One death has also been reported in India. Many big events like IIFA awards 2020 and IPL 2020 has been postponed due to this deadly coronavirus outbreak.

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