Couples Underwear: To Match or Not To Match?

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By Admin Desk

When it comes to couples matching, some people find it cute, while others adamantly disagree and only reserve it for Halloween costumes and theme parties. On a good day, underwear raises some interesting issues and arguments. Now there is something new to contemplate. There is now the question of matching couples underwear.

When it comes to matching, the deciding factor seems to come down to the type of matching and the occasion, much like it does with matching clothing. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways that couples can match their undies and many occasions to do so.

Types of Matching Couples Underwear

Like clothing, there are many types of matching underwear meant for couples. Some couples find that they match without intending to, while others do it on purpose. Who chooses which type is up to the couple.

Color Matching

Color matching is often the easiest thing to accomplish. Since underwear comes in almost every color and pattern you can imagine, matching someone’s underwear color can happen completely by accident. It is not out of the realm of possibilities that you will wear black at the same time your partner does.

Theme Undies

Although themed underwear is normally reserved for a holiday or other special occasion, some people like it just for fun. It comes in all themes, including animal themes, flag themes, and even hunting themes. Some have themes that fit together, like a hotdog and a bun. These are normally worn for fun or given as a gag gift to couples getting married.

Pattern Matching

Pattern matching is another way that couples like to match their underwear. Although there are the simple patterns mentioned above, some of these go all out, complete with lace and style. Since most men’s underwear also fits women, some pairs are identical in cut and style, just not usually in size.


Both men and women find thongs comfortable, so why not matching thongs. There are just as many matching sets of thongs as there are other styles of undies. There are even jockstraps that match women’s thong or partial thong underwear.

This is not to mention all of the couples that go commando or without any underwear at all. Only 25% of men and around 10% of women choose to go without any underwear at all, although it is not entirely a couple’s underwear choice.

Occasions That Couples Match Underwear

Although some couples don’t need an occasion to wear them, others wear theirs when they have a date night or a special outing. They are seen in swing clubs and other sexy parties as well. Although not everyone wants their matching undies seen, it can give playing a game of couples strip poker a whole new dimension.

Reasons For Matching Underwear

There are reasons why men and women would want their underwear to match. One of the best benefits is that it makes some couples feel closer to each other, especially when they are apart. Another reason is that it makes them feel sexier to have something slinky that matches.

Some users like it because it is a little secret and less obvious than having matching clothing. Some have even said that the matching underwear feels like it makes a statement about who they are as a couple. Overall most couples who have tried it agree that matching undergarments are more fun than other types, with the exception of lingerie.

Regardless of the reason, the simple fact is that if it makes you or your partner happy to match underwear, go for it. In most cases, it is a secret just between the two of you.