Can You Put a Surveillance Camera in a Nursing Home Room?

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Day by day, advanced technology helps the busy world stay close virtually. Nurturing relations is getting more challenging but not impossible, especially when taking care of the elder ones is the most challenging. A good nursing home promises to take care of elderly ones by assisting them in their daily routine professionally with kind nature. But sadly, some nursing homes come with complaints of elderly abuse but don’t come in the limelight for lack of evidence.

To gather evidence, can you put a surveillance camera in a nursing homeroom? Well, this topic is widely debated. Some states allow the camera in a nursing home but others don’t allow for privacy reasons and HIPPA laws.

Can you put a camera in a hospital room – is it legal

When you are thinking of keeping your granny or mom in a nursing home, then the first concern works whether they will be ok or not. Because abuse and neglect is a common issue in the care home. People are now thinking of installing a camera to gather evidence and stop the abuse once and for all. Yet you can install a camera in the room if you’re ready to follow certain conditions:

You have to send a legal notice for permission to the nursing home. According to the law, nursing home monitors are acceptable. You can install a CCTV camera to monitor.

If the room where you want to place a camera has a roommate, then you have to take written consent from him. Or else you will be charged with violating privacy rights.

The guardian has to bear all the camera expenses like the cost of the camera, installation, and maintenance.  You have to use a sign where it says that there is a camera installed in the room.

Nursing home monitors – is it good or bad?

Before deciding to install a camera, you have to know the benefits and disadvantages of the process. By this, you will get a clear picture of the circumstances.

The benefits:

By installing the camera, some cases were exposed to the public. For example, there was a case where a nurse was torturing an elder for no reason. As the incident was recorded the staff was exposed and now facing charges.

There was another case where a nurse was abusing a resident sexually. The camera recorded all the incidents and now the nurse is behind bars.

If the room has a camera, the families can see and feel the care, love they are getting from the nurses. They feel reassured and relaxed.

The disadvantages:

Some nursing homes don’t encourage or allow installing a camera in the room for privacy reasons. You will find complaints from the patient who cannot bath or change or use a bedpan as the camera is recording all.

As the cost is a little high to bear, so maximum nurse homes allow sharing a room. So you have to think about the roommate’s privacy also.

Not all that is seen in the camera is real. Sometimes you will fail to understand what you are seeing. For example, you are seeing that staff is removing an object. You will think that he has stolen it, but he has kept it in another place where the camera can’t reach.

Some criminal minds tend to use the footage for the wrong purpose. If anyone complains about it, then you may end up in jail.

But the actual fact is nursing home cameras create controversy and you cannot deny it.

The legal issues to deal with while installing a camera

Though the need for a camera in the care home is getting high, you still have to deal with legal issues. In some states, placing a camera is totally prohibited even with consent. So the changes are still at work and we have to wait for good feedback.

The good news is that Washington, Texas, Virginia, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Maryland, Illinois, and Louisiana are allowed to install a camera in care homes. So gradually, other states will understand and agree to install a camera to ensure the elder ones’ safety.

The nursing home abuse laws are working with the local, state, and federal governments to prevent all types of abuse and give justice. This law varies from state to state like some state has appointed task forces to keep the patient’s safety and some state allows to place hidden cameras.

If anyone complains about any abuse types, they can contact professional lawyers, especially attorneys who work with nursing home abuse issues. The attorneys will help you by gathering evidence, filing a lawsuit against the staff, administrators, and allowing victims to receive medical expenses compensation.

So whenever anyone needs help in this issue, do take a step and report.


It is hard to decide between keeping a loved elder one in a nursing home and the first thing that comes to your mind is can you put a surveillance camera in a nursing homeroom. Though it is a debating issue maximum families are supporting this action. Because it is all about ensuring the safety of their elderly family members.

So when you are thinking of using the camera in the care home, contact the attorney and follow all the legal processes with consideration. By this, you can ensure the utmost safety for your grandparents so that they can lead their life happily and heartily.