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Coronavirus Spreads to 138 Countries Worldwide

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Deaths due to coronavirus is not stopping. The death toll due to coronavirus has surpassed 5436.

According to a foreign news agency report, the Coronavirus epidemic is still uncontrollable, affecting many people in the last few hours in 138 countries around the world and taken the lives of 443 people.

According to the report, the number of coronary virus deaths worldwide has reached 5,446, while 11,058 new cases have been reported, after which the number has crossed 1 lakh 45,600.

After China, the virus has hit Italy most where the death toll has risen to 1,266 after the deaths of 250 more people, plus the death toll of 85 more in Iran, in the United States. 50, 11 died in the UK, 2 in India and 133 in Spain.

The death toll has risen to 11 after four more people were killed in Switzerland, 71 in South Korea, 10 in the Netherlands, 9 in Iraq, 9 in Hong Kong and 4 in Indonesia.

In France, the number of Coronavirus killed 18, followed by 791, while 3661 were infected. In Germany, the virus killed eight people and another 3,660 people died.

An employee at the UN headquarters has been confirmed with the Coronavirus, after which non-essential staff at UN headquarters has been closed will work at home. After the UN employee test came out positive, about 3,000 UN employees will work at home.

After reporting 4 new cases in Turkey, the number has risen to 5; 41 new cases of Corona have been reported in Saudi Arabia, after which the number has reached 86, the death of the Coronavirus in Germany has been 8, 3675 people have been affected.

The Canadian Prime Minister’s wife was also diagnosed with the Coronavirus, after which Justice Trudeau quarantined himself, with US President Trump suggesting the Tokyo Olympics be postponed this year.