Common fertility mistakes

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While for some people, getting pregnant is as easy as one-two-three, however, other couples may have to try harder to try to conceive. In the bare-bones, pregnancy is when an egg in the uterus gets fertilized by the sperm.

However, this process is deceptively simple. There are various factors that ascertain the successful fertilization of an egg by the sperm, including timing, quality of the sperm and egg, sperm shape, and motility.

In certain cases, the issue is not with the lack of fertilization, but rather the successful implantation of the zygote on the uterine wall.

Whereas you should consult the Best Gynecologist in Islamabad for more specific concerns regarding your pregnancy, rather, lack thereof, you should also watch out for the common fertility mistakes that couples tend to make. These include:


The cigarette pack shows a cancerous lung, or perhaps has a big warning about death emblazoned, but it does not mention fertility issues, which is why you light up a pack or two. And then wonder, baby, where you at!

Cigarettes contain toxins that have a grave impact on the quality of eggs. Smoking also affects the process of fertilization and implantation. Moreover, it causes the ovaries to age, which not only then lowers fertility probability but also affects the quantity and quality of eggs produced by the body.

Therefore, you need to cut out smoking from your life, completely!

Weight gain

Having a healthy BMI is not just necessary for the sake of vanity. Having greater quantities of fat in the body puts you at risk of hormone imbalance, that then interferes with the process of ovulation.

Moreover, obesity also causes period problems, as the cycle is completely thrown off. Periods become less regular, and so does ovulation.

The flip side: weight loss

Just as weighing too much is problematic, weighing too little is also dangerous for health, and pregnancy prospects. Women who are underweight do not produce sufficient hormones that allow for regular periods, ovulation and therefore, they cannot sustain pregnancy either.

Thus, stay in the ‘normal’ range of weight.

Not recognizing the signs of ovulation

Whereas some women have regular period cycle, others face irregular periods that makes it harder for them to ascertain the ovulation time.

However, one way to recognize this window of opportunity is by being mindful of the ovulation signs presented by the body.

One obvious sign is the change in the vaginal discharge. Cervical mucus increases in quantity and becomes very slippery and thin just around ovulation. Moreover, the basal temperature also increases, which is why many women feel slightly feverish around this time.

Too much sex

You might think, the more sex you have around the fertile window, the more likely you will be to conceive. However, that is not a productive approach. Some studies have shown having sex every day can lower the sperm count.

Since sperm can remain up to five days in the uterus, you do not need to have sex every single day. Opt instead for sex every other day for a fine balance between optimal sperm count and probability.

Not knowing your cycle

The easiest formula to get pregnant is getting familiar with your cycle, recognizing the ovulation window, and having sex around this earmarked zone. However, many women are not aware of their cycle, or how to do the period math. This makes it harder for them to utilize the opportune moment.

There are many applications that can help you in this regard. Moreover, sophisticated ovulation kits are also present that also determine the presence of certain hormones in the body, thus signaling ovulation time. You can get more guidelines for doing the period-math from the Best Gynecologist in Lahore as well.