CBD Pet Tincture what does it do

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By John Wick

Most pet owners like to do whatever they can to help their furry friends. Many are beginning to use medical cannabis as a way of health management and relief from pain. With special CBD tinctures on the market produced for pets, you can treat your pets as you would yourself and take care of them the best way possible. Visiting would also be of great help in this regard.

Like human beings, animals enjoy an endocannabinoid system, so they can benefit from receiving cannabinoids like CBD. Pets suffering from cancer, arthritis, seizures, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and low appetite can take advantage of these products. These products can enhance the quality of life for old animals.

Pets can enjoy the benefits of a full-spectrum CBD oil just as you do. CBD is a natural molecule that acts on the endocannabinoid system of an animal to improve health. The amount of CBD added to these products is lower than the amount in products made for human beings. So, they can better accommodate the needs of your pet.

Although CBD is non-intoxicating, these products must be used carefully and the dosage should be chosen with care. CBD can lead to drowsiness in animals as well as a couple of side effects such as vomiting and, so work your way up as required until you find the right amount. You can also consult a veterinarian and, it is better to talk to one who is open-minded about cannabis and has seen the benefits of CBD for pets firsthand. Below are some of the best CBD pet tinctures you can use for your pet.

NuLeaf Naturals Organic Hemp CBD

It is an organic product and 100% natural. These CBD tinctures use whole-plant extraction and are available in bottles containing 240mg to 1450mg total CBD. There are no herbicides, pesticides, additives or preservatives in their formulation, and your pet can enjoy CBD in a straightforward formula.

Fit Aroma Organic Hemp Oil Tinctures

This product is derived from a natural CO2 hemp extract. It is 100% organic and is available in three different formulas made for cats, dogs, and horses. They all contain high amounts of CBD, ranging from 300mg to 900mg in each bottle. Some of them also contain triglycerides taken from coconut oil for an extra wellness boost.

Bluebird Botanicals Companion Blend

This product offers a CBD and nutritional oil blend specifically designed for pets. The tincture has 180mg of CBD, along with hemp seed oil, and fermented cod liver. These additions bring in vitamins A and D to the pet’s diet.

Chronic Boom Delights CBD Tincture

It is created using organic CBD from whole hemp plants. The manufacturer uses CO2 extraction methods and the organic hemp plants grown on the farms of the company. The formula comes in bottles containing 150mg to 300mg CBD.

CBDPet Cannabidiol

CBDPet formulates their oils with the aim of improving the life quality of animals. It contains 100mg CBD hemp oil, and it is an organic product with a natural hemp flavor. The product is CO2 extracted, and it doesn’t contain pesticides and herbicides.

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Canna Hemp CBD Pet Tincture

This manufacturer creates their pet tinctures using organic hemp seed oil, CBD oil, along MCT oil. It’s recommended to mix the product with your pet’s food, and the formulas are prepared for animals of any size. Each serving contains 7mg CBD.

Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs

It is produced for dogs and offers three different levels of potency based on the dog’s weight. The bottles include full-spectrum CBD oil along with MCT oil for better healing. It’s a great addition to your pet’s diet and helps combat anxiety, joint issues, and inflammation.

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