Captain Sajjad’s family members are searching for his ‘badge’

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By John Wick

Relatives of Captain Sajjad Gul of PIA flight PK8303 from Lahore to Karachi, which crashed two days before Eid, are looking for his badge.

A photo of Captain Sajjad Gul’s badge found at the scene after the accident has been circulating on social media, but now Captain Sajjad’s family is looking for the badge.

A user named Abeer Haroon has claimed on the social networking site Instagram that the pilot Captain Sajjad who was martyred in the plane crash is his uncle.

He wrote that he needs information about Captain Sajjad Gul’s badge which is spreading fast on social media especially on Instagram, share this message as much as possible so that this message reaches those who have this badge at the moment.

In his story shared on Instagram, Abeer asked social media users that if anyone knew about his badge, who shared the photo and who still has the badge, please provide the numbers given. Reach out to their families by contacting

Abeer’s Instagram story is going so viral that the story is also circulating on Twitter and users are sharing it in large numbers so that the last sign of Captain Sajjad Gul reaches his family.