Bzigo uses AI and a laser pointer to detect mosquitoes in your home

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Bzigo uses AI and a laser pointer to detect mosquitoes in your home

If you are looking for a mosquito bite, a new home laser system can help you. On the other hand, the system can detect instantaneous mosquitoes in the room where no eye access is possible. Hopefully, this system will also help protect human lives from many diseases.

This simple system of Israeli startup company Bizigo consists of infrared LEDs, infrared wide-angle cameras and a microprocessor. Its soul is a computer vision (electronic visual) algorithm that can distinguish particles from a fly, a mosquito, or a fly in a room. It is estimated on the basis of the movement of various goods, even the Bzigo can operate in complete darkness.

As soon as the mosquito appears in the room it reports on the smartphone and if the mosquito is sitting it also indicates the location of a circle. Now if you want to kill the mosquito yourself or try to disperse it with spray, etc. Even at night, if a mosquito comes into the room, it immediately identifies it.

According to the company, in the next phase, the laser will be able to eliminate mosquito nets. The Bzigo laser system has been in the works for many years but has been presented for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020. This laser can detect terrorist mosquitoes up to 8 meters inside the home and room.

Bzigo Laser’s advance booking is on-line and if you deposit $9, the system can be purchased for $169 with a discount of $ 30. According to the company, its sales will begin in the next year, 2021.

Bzigo Mosquito Detector