Best foods for eyes health

Which nutrients are beneficial for the eyes?

In today’s modern era, 70% of people have poor eyesight, and the main reason for this is the poor diet that we eat on a daily basis. And the use of soft drinks, etc., has been exaggerated, which is affecting not only our health but also our eyesight.

Best nutritiousness for eyes health

One of the major problems besides diet is excessive use of mobile phones, tablets and laptops etc. We spend about 10-15 hours a day on social media usage which greatly affects our eyesight. Not immediately but over time our eyesight begins to weaken.

excessive use of mobiles lead to eyesight problems

Because of this, some people wear eyeglasses while some people do not even wear eyeglasses because of shame that they may look ugly, but now they do not have to worry about the eyesight because of some foods. These are the ones we add to our daily diet so they can improve our eyesight.

Here are the best foods for eyes Health

Leafy vegetables:

Various leafy vegetables are found in winter, including spinach, carrots, radish, fenugreek, turnips, cabbage, etc. These vegetables will not only be useful for our eyesight, but they will also improve our health and It will also help to lose weight. All of these vegetables are rich in fibre, vitamins, calcium and iron, so to improve your eyesight, you need to include these vegetables in your daily diet.

Leafy vegetables are best for eyes health


Naturally occurring proteins are found in fish, and in winter, fish is a great choice to eat. If fish is eaten 1 time a week, it will improve eyesight and in addition, it is very beneficial for the good health of the skin and hair.

Fish is best for eyes health

Eggs and pulses:

Proteins are the most useful for the eyesight, so doctors also recommend to use as many nutrients as possible. Eggs, pulses, beans, and milk are the nutrients rich in protein, so for good eye health, it is important that you include all these nutrients in your daily diet.

Eggs and pulses are best for eyes health

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