Best Cities to Move to in the Carolinas

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By Admin Desk

Whether you are in the market to rent or to buy, the Carolinas offer some of the best neighborhoods at competitive prices. And what’s not to love about living on the coast? Below we will go over a few of the best cities to contemplate when deciding on a new location. These Carolina towns offer safety, stability, and great communities.

Mount Pleasant, SC

Easily one of the best places to retire, South Carolina offers warm weather and affordability. Mount Pleasant is close to Charleston but is a cozy suburb on the outskirts of the city. This area is perfect for those starting families or looking to retire. The school district is highly rated as it is the second largest in the whole state. 

This city offers up some rich history to go with the beautiful climate. There’s a place called the Old Village and it is full of older Victorian homes and oak trees. They have managed to blend trendy vintage nostalgia with the history of the city and offer up some great boutiques and the Charleston Harbor.

Some of the histories of these towns aren’t always pleasant but a lot of this historic land tells the stories of those who suffered. There are plantations that are still standing on beautiful acreage that shows the Antebellum architecture and traces of what life was like prior to the Civil War. 

Charlotte, NC

If you’re someone who loves to have a beautiful skyline outside their window each morning, then Charlotte is the place for you. Not only is their downtown bustling with businesses, skyscrapers, and attractions, the people of this city are so proud of their town and you can feel it. Folks love it so much there are over 100 people that move to Charlotte every day. You can be one of those!

While looking at houses for rent in Charlotte you’re sure to see this city’s affordability. Many newcomers choose Charlotte for the expanding job market. The city also has some of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation and offers a greater median salary. There are so many affordable options for living whether you plan to buy or rent. Many apartment complexes come with additional amenities such as a gym and pool.

Additionally, if you love the outdoors, Charlotte has much to offer. There are mountain ranges to climb and hike such as Blowing Rock and Chimney Rock. Lake Norman is a quick ride north of Charlotte if you are more interested in kayaking or fishing. 

Greenville, SC

There are a top 3 when it comes to living in South Carolina and besides Mount Pleasant and Charleston, Greenville completes the trifecta. Greenville brings you the best of both worlds. It is situated at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains offering up some breathtaking views. But it also has the charm of the city with restaurants, shops, and small businesses on every street.

Another benefit of Greenville is experiencing all of this at an affordable price. Although Mount Pleasant is really the most pleasant place to live in South Carolina, the price scares folks away. With Greenville, you don’t have to make any sacrifice. You can live in a town that is safe, beautiful, and affordable. 

Most of these cities provide the whole package when it comes to all of the essentials. Many families look for homes within good school districts, close to shopping, and safe neighborhoods. All three of these cities in the Carolinas check the boxes. The Carolinas have so much more to show and we’ve only discussed a handful of the cities and towns. Not long after reading more about these quaint towns and cities will you be calling the south your home.